House of Cards Season 4 Teaser: Back on Track

[SPOILERS for previous seasons of House of Cards ahead.]


Since its inception as Netflix's first major original series, House of Cards has been a sure fire hit. Adapted from the early 1990s British series of the same name, moving the drama from London to Washington DC, the show follows the fourth-wall breaking southerner Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey). A ruthless and manipulative politician, Underwood will doing anything - even to the point of murder - to gain power and take the Oval Office for himself.

Three nail-biting, corruption-fuelled seasons later and Underwood has had his first year in the Presidency - without so much as one vote being cast to get him there. The end of season 3 left Underwood having won the Democratic nomination for the 2016 Presidential Election. All was looking up for the dastardly Commander-in-Chief until one morning when The First Lady (Robin Wright) declares to her husband that she is leaving him after a violent spat the previous evening. Season 3 ended with her walking out the door - in the middle of an election campaign no less - thus leaving the story on gripping cliffhanger.

House of Cards season 4 trailer

Now with just over one and half months to go before the Season 4 premiere on March 4th, a third House of Cards teaser has launched following two mock election campaign videos: one in December and one in January. This one, not in the form of a campaign video, shows a bunch of flowers laid on a subway track - reminiscent of the shocking season 2 opener where Underwood pushed his journalist lover, Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) in front of a train. The camera pans up to an Underwood 2016 poster with the not so subtle slogan 'Putting America Back on Track' before being obscured by a passing subway train.

Could this teaser be a bit of foreshadowing that the train is crashing into the President - a literal train here, but a figurative train in the context of House of Cards the TV show? Perhaps Underwood is about to face his downfall? Will the First Lady return to him? Will he win the 2016 Election? Or will all his skeletons come out to bring everything he's accomplished through malignant means to terrific ruin? It won't be long now before the answer is provided...

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House of Cards Season 4 debuts March 4th, 2016 on Netflix.

Source: Netflix

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