David Fincher Will Not Direct 'House of Cards' Season 2 Episodes

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Among the many sinister pleasures of Netflix's original political drama series House of Cards was the icy, clinical tone established by the first two episodes - both of which were directed by the show's executive producer, David Fincher, whose style proved ideal for the tale of the scheming Congressman Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and his Lady MacBeth-ish wife, Claire (Robin Wright). The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo director would be followed by several helmers who turned in strong episodes, including Carl Franklin (Devil in a Blue Dress), James Foley (Glengarry Glen Ross) and Joel Schumacher.

Still, the style was set in those first two episodes: a powerful degree of control, a cool, subdued color palette, and tight, focused performances (even if the plot wandered off here and there). While we've known for some time that Fincher might not return to the director's chair for Season 2, we have now received official word of this.

It may seem like a loss, but as reported by The Playlist, Fincher is remaining on board as executive producer, as is the show's creator, Beau Willimon (write of The Ides of March). The show is also gaining at least two new directors: stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, who have each helmed an unspecified number of Season 2 episodes.

This will mark Wright's debut as a director, (and she clearly has a terrific support structure in place) but Spacey has already directed two features, Albino Alligator and his Bobby Darin biopic Beyond The Sea, along with his ongoing duties as Artistic Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company in London's Old Vic.

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One of the most impressive aspects of the show's first season was the way Fincher's tone was mostly maintained throughout the run of episodes. The addition of Wright and especially Spacey as director is intriguing, and signals that the stars will be given a freer creative reign. There appears to be no word on which other Season 1 directors are returning, but the show's IMDB page lists James Foley as returning for at least two episodes.

Netflix's binge-watching experiment with House of Cards, the revival of Arrested Development and it's latest original show Orange Is The New Black has been a success, with the first two shows garnering 12 Emmy nominations between them - a landmark concerning House of Cards, which is the first nominated show to never air on television.

It's still a bit unclear just how much of a ratings boost the show has given to Netflix, but the critical praise its original programming has been receiving (we'll ignore the less-than-beloved Lilyhammer and Hemlock Grove for now), will secure the public's attention. With the return of Arrested Development on the horizon, all eyes will be on Netflix's ongoing experiments with the small screen as we head toward 2014.


Season 2 of House of Cards will premiere on Netflix in 2014.

Source: The Playlist

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