House of Cards Final Season Full Trailer: Claire Underwood Won't Be Underestimated

Robin Wright in House of Cards Season 6

Claire Underwood is someone to be feared, if the full trailer for the final season of House of Cards is to be believed. The upcoming final season of Netflix’s flagship original series will focus solely on Robin Wright’s character, as she settles into the Oval Office in the wake of her husband's death, which is cause for great concern according to nearly everyone around her. All in all, the series’ final season looks as though it is headed to a fairly definitive end game. 

Though the series will do without Kevin Spacey for its final season, it has brought in a number of new and familiar faces to help bring things to a close. Among the new batch of characters are Greg Kinnear and Diane Lane as a pair of siblings, Bill and Annette Shepherd, who apparently not only have a history with the Underwoods, but don’t take too kindly to Claire’s agenda as Commander in Chief. That seems to be the opinion of many, as trailer makes it clear the new president will face opposition from all sides. But Claire’s not going to let that affect her much. 

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In addition to the Shepherds, the trailer suggests one of Claire’s most dangerous adversaries is one who literally knows where the bodies are buried. After being little more than a henchman for Frances over the last five seasons, Michael Kelly’s Doug Stamper is now poised to make life difficult for Claire, the person he fears above all others. Presumably joining him in his efforts are journalist and consistent thorn in the side of the Underwoods, Tom Hammerschmidt (Boris McGiver) as well as Constance Zimmer’s Janine Skorsky, who was left traumatized by Frank in the wake of Zoe Barnes’ (Kate Mara) death, but has returned for unknown reasons. 

Skorsky’s unexpected appearance in the trailer helps give the impression that this story is about to come full circle. The return of those wronged by the Underwoods, especially when Claire is now ostensibly all alone — though not without the council of Campbell Scott’s Mark Usher — is intriguing to say the least. Whether or not this means retribution for all the Machiavellian maneuvering Claire engaged in with Frank over the past few seasons will come back to haunt her, or if House of Cards has something more suitably cynical in mind, is a big question the final season has been tasked with answering. Viewers won’t have to wait long to find out. 

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House of Cards the final season will stream on Netflix starting Friday, November 2.

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