House of Cards Adds Diane Lane & Greg Kinnear For Final Season

House of Cards' sixth and final season has added Oscar-nominated actors Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear to the cast, in the wake of Kevin Spacey's exit. It's been a tough few months for Netflix's original flagship drama, which has always been a magnet for awards and praise from most. Unfortunately, that positive atmosphere changed last fall, when a myriad of sexual misconduct charges surfaced against star Spacey, who portrayed tyrannical politician Frank Underwood on the show. Spacey was quickly fired, and production on season 6 went into a long hiatus.

Now, House of Cards season 6 seems to be back on track, after making the tough decision to write out Frank's character. To be fair though, Frank actually died in the original British House of Cards series - and the book both shows are based on - so killing him off isn't entirely uncharted territory. Plus, with some of the accusations against Spacey coming from the House of Cards crew, there was no way he'd have ever been allowed back on that set.

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To help shore up the cast now that Spacey is out of the picture, Netflix has today added two decorated Oscar nominees to the mix. The first is Diane Lane, who was nominated for 2002's Unfaithful, and has since starred in films like Untraceable, Secretariat, and Trumbo. Lane has also been busy playing Superman's adoptive mom Martha Kent in DCEU films Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, and Justice League. The other cast addition is Greg Kinnear, who was nominated for 1997's As Good As It Gets, and has since starred in films like The Gift, Auto Focus, and Little Miss Sunshine.

Details on both Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear's House of Cards characters are being withheld for now, but considering their status as heavyweight actors, it wouldn't be too surprising to see either play a new political power player in town. This will be Lane's first series regular role on a TV show, although she's done some guest spots, and appeared in miniseries. Kinnear first gained fame on the small screen, as the original host of E!'s Talk Soup. His success with As Good As It Gets enabled him to transition into a high-profile Hollywood name, steadily working since in both film and TV.

Production officially resumed today on House of Cards season 6, but for now, it's still unclear when exactly fans will get to watch it. Season 6 received a reduced 8-episode order, no doubt due to everything Spacey had shot for the season having to be scrapped, and the season as a whole then having to be rewritten to focus on new focal character Claire Underwood (Robin Wright).

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