25X-23 Wolverine

We’re starting the list off with a genderbend of sorts. Wolverine is one of several superheroes who has had his mantle taken up by a woman at some point in the comics. Other female versions of originally male heroes would include Jane Foster, who became Thor,

and Spider-Gwen to an extent. While the genderbend treatment is sometimes frowned upon by readers, it’s a great opportunity for cosplayers to flex their creativity.

Kayley Marie Cosplay is a page model for Wonderful World of Cosplay and a member of the charitable organization Central PA Avengers. She cosplays many comic book characters, including female Thor, Gwen Stacy, and Black Canary, as well as cartoon characters like Kim Possible, Ariel, and Misty.

(photo credit – S1Price Lightworks)

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