25 Hottest Marvel Cosplayers Who Look Just Like Their Characters

Comic Con season is upon us, which means it's time for cosplayers from around the world to bust out their latest and greatest creations.

As exciting as it is to hear about new updates on our favorite superhero shows and movies, the bright, vibrant costumes are what light up the convention halls - and the surrounding city - every year. This list will showcase the best cosplays from the Marvel franchise, but if you're also (or more of) a DC person, then you can check out our favorite cosplays from that group here. Both that list and the one below feature some really talented people.

Marvel fans are gearing up for the first part of Avengers: Infinity War, which will be released in May of next year. New footage was revealed during the D23 Expo in Anaheim, and we'll got more updates during Comic Con. But while many people like to cosplay from the official MCU, we have the whole franchise covered, from the X-Men to Deadpool.

These are the 25 Hottest Marvel Cosplayers Who Look Just Like Their Characters.

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25 X-23 Wolverine

We’re starting the list off with a genderbend of sorts. Wolverine is one of several superheroes who has had his mantle taken up by a woman at some point in the comics. Other female versions of originally male heroes would include Jane Foster, who became Thor, and Spider-Gwen to an extent. While the genderbend treatment is sometimes frowned upon by readers, it’s a great opportunity for cosplayers to flex their creativity.

Kayley Marie Cosplay is a page model for Wonderful World of Cosplay and a member of the charitable organization Central PA Avengers. She cosplays many comic book characters, including female Thor, Gwen Stacy, and Black Canary, as well as cartoon characters like Kim Possible, Ariel, and Misty.

(photo credit – S1Price Lightworks)

24 Emma Frost

Photographer Tony Julius shot this fabulous Emma Frost during this year’s Wondercon back in April. The detail on this cosplay is amazing, with the lining on the top and the glitter everywhere for that icy effect. The wig also looks cool – no pun intended – because of the straw-like texture to it as the result of being frozen.

Amber Skies is an award-winning cosplayer from Arizona who has been active since 2014, though she was less than a year old when she attended her first convention. She specializes in Disney cosplay because she works as a professional princess for-hire, but is also known for cosplaying as Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy and Queen Serenity from Sailor Moon. She has her own Etsy shop where she sells cosplay accessories and nerdy artwork.

23 Yondu and Rocket Raccoon

This hilarious shot was taken at Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart earlier this month, at a photo booth run by Arkham Outbreak. The jail cell is a simple setting, but it fits given what happens to these characters during the second movie, plus Yondu’s facial expression is perfect for the photo. Rocket’s suit may not be true to size, but the detail on it is still impressive.

David and Tina, together known as Dragon Workshop, are German cosplayers who have been active in the community since 2013. They mostly cosplay from sci-fi and fantasy movies, also known for cosplaying characters from Game of Thrones, How to Train Your Dragon, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings. They do many scenic shoots, including one where they went swimming in a lake.

22 Ant-Man

This shot was taken during Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in Nashville. The suit is definitely well-made, including the helmet that was 3D printed by Jared Lucchesi from Spe3dyprints, so he would fit in with any Civil War group. Ant-Lord is also a good height for the character, as Ant-Man is (naturally) often seen in smaller capacities, yet he’s not too short.

Ant-Lord Cosplay is from Tennessee and has been cosplaying since 2015. He is a member of the charity group The Rogues Gallery Cosplay, and his cosplay name stems from his two signature cosplays, Ant-Man and Star-Lord. He says that the one thing he learned through cosplay is that, “You never know what is going to happen once you suit up.”

21 Invisible Woman

The Fantastic Four movies have always been hit or miss (okay, mostly miss), but the cosplays continue to wow us. This shot, taken by Warren Paquet, is a classic example of how photo editing can take an already amazing cosplay and make it look even better.

However, while the effects look awesome, the Fantastic Four suit is not to be scoffed at by any means – Vishanti is a pretty solid match for Susan Storm. The ‘4’ emblem looks like a perfect replica from the comics. All around, with her pose and all of the effects, this is a great shot.

Vishanti is a French cosplayer and art enthusiast. She is also known for cosplaying as Scarlet Witch, female Doctor Strange, and both Princess Leia and Rey.

20 Scarlet Witch (comics)

David Meagher of Kinda Good Photography snapped this photo of Miss Mimic at this year’s Sydney Supanova back in June. The hair looks great and the headpiece is perfectly shaped and frames her face nicely (check out the progress photos on her Facebook page).

Her face is quite striking, her eyes piercing the camera and following you, whichever direction you’re looking from. With her pose and facial expression, she knows how to mimic Wanda really well.

Miss Mimic is from Australia and has been cosplaying since 2013. She is also known for cosplaying as The Wasp from Ant-Man, Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter, and Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd, though Scarlet Witch seems to be her signature cosplay.

19 Psylocke

Psylocke’s suit may be on the simpler side, but that doesn’t make it any easier to pull off. Maria Margaretha Earlene, or MM for short, does a great job of embodying the character, though posing a strong resemblance to her certainly helps. While rubber and latex aren’t always easy to work with, MM used the material well and made a nice suit.

MM Earlene is a blogger, YouTuber, and makeup artist from Indonesia who has been cosplaying since 2010. She founded the Zero Cosplay community and Belajar Makeup Karakter, and previously led the Indonesia Zombie Club.

She is also known for cosplaying as Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Black Widow, and Dark Phoenix, among many others. She hosts makeup workshops and judges cosplay competitions all around her country.

18 Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Who’s excited for the Deadpool sequel next year? Of course you are. Hopefully we’ll see another trailer for it during Comic Con this weekend. Negasonic didn’t get a whole lot of screen time in the first movie, but she had some funny lines and cool action moments.

Cosplayer ihatejjba, also known as Icky, successfully captures the spirit and spunk of Negasonic in this shot taken at this year’s Winter SacAnime, held back in January. Negasonic stopping to check her phone before the final battle makes the buildup to it even funnier, and seeing Icky recreating that scene is awesome. Holding the Deadpool mask was also a nice touch.

Icky is from California and is also known for cosplaying from Voltron, Haikyuu!!, and Dragon Ball, among others.

17 Deadpool


A post shared by Deadpool's apprentice 🏍🤺💀💩L (@darth_deadpool) on

And now here’s Deadpool himself, with cosplayer darth_dead_pool in the suit made by El Fett and Professional Cosplay. While there are no chimichangas or guns to be seen, this still feels like a Deadpool-y shot, almost reminiscent of the initial teaser photo where Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool is hanging out in front of the X-Men mansion on an equally sunny day.

The flowers completely clash with Wade’s sarcastic, violent nature, which is why they work so well in this photo. Overall, this is a nicely made suit worn for a great picture.

Darth_dead_pool is a Deadpool fanatic who refers to himself as Deadpool’s apprentice.

Apparently the Deadpool sequel is supposed to be funnier than the original movie, as if there wasn’t already enough hype for the sequel.

16 Spider-Man and Mary-Jane Watson

Ryn Chan Cosplay caught up to the webslinger himself while dressed as Mary-Jane Watson during last year’s Otakon. Her Spider-Man heart t-shirt is iconic from the comics, and Ryn Chan makes a beautiful MJ without pushing the sexiness so hard. Ryn Chan has a natural glow to her, and together they look adorable.

Ryn Chan Cosplay is from Pennsylvania, but she attends conventions around the East Coast. She is also known for cosplaying as Raven from Teen Titans, a Nurse from Silent Hill, a Psycho from Borderlands, and both Mercy and D.Va from Overwatch.

Ryn Chan is also a volunteer for the nonprofit organization Cosplayers Care and has her own Etsy shop where she sells cosplay prints.

15 Black Panther

As he prepared to assume the Black Panther identity, T’Challa, played by Chadwick Boseman, made a stellar debut in Civil War as a member of Team Iron Man. Now Black Panther is next in the MCU lineup, coming in February 2018 following the release of Thor: Ragnarok in November.

In the meantime, Ron Walls Jr., a cosplayer from Maryland, rocked this Black Panther suit during this year’s BlerDCon at the beginning of this month. The Black Panther costume is already sleek to begin with – the craftsmanship is quite nice – but being muscular and in such great shape helps Ron to fill out the suit nicely.

While he mostly attends conventions as Black Panther, Ron has also been seen cosplaying as Spider-Man and multiple Power Rangers.

14 Miss Marvel

While it’s Captain Marvel we’ll be seeing more of in the future, with Brie Larson joining the MCU, we can still appreciate this great Miss Marvel cosplay by Atenea Cosplay.

This is another simple cosplay (at least by superhero standards) that was knocked out of the park. The entire suit looks crisp and clean, the pose is great, and the fire is a nice effect added in to really bring Miss Marvel to life.

Atenea Cosplay is from Mexico and dabbles in makeup and photography, on top of cosplay. She is an official page model for both Super Geek Girls and Hot and Geeky. She is also known for cosplaying as Psylocke, Scarlet Witch, Wonder Woman (multiple variants), Juliet Starling, and Spider-Gwen, among many others.

13 Yondu Poppins

This was a hilarious, classic scene from Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, where Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) tells Yondu (Michael Rooker) that he looks like Mary Poppins floating down to them with his red Yaka Arrow. Shortly after the film’s release, Rooker revealed that this exchange was completely improvised. Well, somebody decided to cosplay it (lots of somebodies, actually, but this was the best one).

Baby Groot and Rocket in the large purse is funny and adorable, along with the troll doll and other tiny toys attached to his hat. His face also kind of looks like Rooker’s, but either way, he is owning this cosplay. He really is Mary Poppins, y’all – and we love it and think he looks awesome.

(photo credit – Justin Cosplay)

12 Doctor Strange

We’re all excited to see Doctor Strange again in Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War. It’s amazing how identical Emily looks to Benedict Cumberbatch, which you can also see in her Sherlock cosplay.

The makeup work is great, with the facial hair and fake blood. With the extra details on the cloak and belt, you can tell that she put a lot of work into this cosplay, and we love it because of that. The shiny glint on the ring was a nice effect – compliments to the (unknown) photographer.

Emily is a cosplayer and LGBTQ activist from Massachusetts. She’s a Benedict Cumberbatch impersonator of sorts, though she also cosplays Black Widow, Elizabeth Comstock, and Norma Bates. She has her own YouTube channel, where she posts Cosplay Music Videos (CMVs) and other cosplay shenanigans.

11 Gamora

Body paint can be tricky (not to mention messy), and it’s hard to find the exact shade you need, but Asia Carfì did a great job of turning herself into the most dangerous woman in the galaxy.

The sword is beautifully crafted with all of its intricate details, and she picked a good wig too. Having gone beyond simply throwing on a black top and spandex, Asia definitely looks like she belongs in the Marvel universe. This shot looks somewhat reminiscent of the first Guardians movie.

Asia is an Italian cosplayer and an Official Cutie (page model) for Cute Cosplay. She is also known for cosplaying as Kim Possible, Princess Jasmine, Scarlet Witch, and the Enchantress, among others. Antonio Serini was the photographer for this shoot.

10 Star-Lord

Following Gamora is her teammate and love interest, Star-Lord. Monika Łasicka from Yumikasa Photography snapped this photo of Matt Smolarek during this year’s Pyrkon back in April.

Everything about this shot screams, “Star-Lord,” from the cassette player in his hand, to the Michael Jackson toe stand he pulls as he’s dancing along, and even the lights in the background fit the space theme and make us feel as if we’re being transported to another planet with Peter. Hell, we can even hear the Guardians soundtrack start to play in our heads as we look at this photo. This is an epic photo of an amazing cosplay.

Matt is a Polish cosplayer also known for cosplaying as Captain America, though he plans to do more cosplays in the future.

9 Captain Marvel

Francisco Nazario took this photo of Hanari Soloman of Hanari Cosplay during this year’s Katsucon in February. While Captain Marvel has sported several different hairstyles throughout her comics, we adore Hanari’s hairdo in this photo, especially because she’s using her real hair.

The lighting is great, capturing her profile while brightening her hair and the gold accents on her suit. No wonder people go to Katsucon to take pictures – the scenery is awesome.

Hanari is from Florida and has been cosplaying since 2011. She’s won multiple awards in the Masters division of cosplay contests, most recently Best in Show at this year’s Anime Expo. She is also known for cosplaying as Jinx from League of Legends, Junkenstein from Overwatch (which won her Best in Show), and Black Canary, among others.

8 Sailor Deadpool

Deadpool cosplays are commonplace at conventions, even more now after the release of the movie, and there is always that group of Deadpools competing to see who is the most Deadpool-y of them. But even more common are crossover cosplays, which mashes Deadpool together with another character usually outside of the Marvel universe. One popular series to crossover with is Sailor Moon, with many cosplayers throwing on the classic sailor fuku and wig over Deadpool’s suit.

But what’s great about Jesserz’s cosplay is that she didn’t take the easy route – she went the extra mile to alter the fuku to better suit the Merc with a Mouth, adding bullets to the skirt and crafting a new sailor collar and bow in Deadpool’s colors.

7 Scarlet Witch (movies)

FutureX shot this at this year’s Anime Expo, with Rachel Rae providing the wardrobe. While this was a team effort, with a little help from a friend, Dayna Sauble is able to transform into the Scarlet Witch that we first saw in Age of Ultron. The lighting works for her character, and a little photo editing gives Dayna the extra power to wow us. With her face and hair, we see a nice blend of Wanda from both the comics and the movies. Great work, everyone!

Dayna Sauble is a cosplayer, singer and actress from California. She works as a party princess and a brand rep for Hot Topic. She is also known for cosplaying as Supergirl, Spider-Girl, Wonder Woman, and Mary-Jane Watson, among many Disney princesses.

6 Black Widow

This shot of Hannah Keely, also known as Keely Cosplay, went viral on social media, to the point where she couldn’t even find the original photographer. At least her cosplay is popular.

The wig is nice, pushing her towards Natasha’s Civil War look, and her suit and weapons are well-made. Her face is soft, but strong, knowing that she could take anyone down. Also as a random bonus, she picked a good spot to wear her badge – it’s subtle, not taking away from the cosplay the way wearing it around her neck would.

Keely is a cosplayer and YouTuber from California as well. She is also known for cosplaying as Black Canary, Domino, and both Kim Possible and Shego. On the channel that she co-runs, KT and Keely, she vlogs and does costume and makeup tutorials.

5 Thanos

Thanos hasn’t been doing much in the earlier MCU installments, but he’s finally ready for action and getting off his space throne for Infinity War, where he’ll be fighting both the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

This Thanos suit looks like it was taken directly from the set of the new Avengers movie – all he needs now is the Infinity Gauntlet (though if we want the world to stay in one piece, he probably shouldn’t have it).

Prizmatec is a family of Italian cosplayers who have been active in the community since 2012. They’ve also built suits for Ultimate Iron Man, War Machine, and they’ve even completed Gundam and Evangelion builds. Everyone works together as a family – what a great way to spend time together!

4 Loki

Going from the next villain to one of the first, there are plenty of awesome Loki cosplayers out there, both male and female, but Serg Loki Mirage stands out because of how much he looks like Tom Hiddleston. He has the hair, the eyes, the whole facial structure in general… all of which is framed nicely by the beautiful yet intimidating headpiece he crafted to complete Loki’s outfit from the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok.

Serg Loki Mirage is a Russian cosplayer who has been active since 2015. While Loki is his signature cosplay, hence his name, he is also known for cosplaying as Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier, Thranduil from The Hobbit, and Fenris from Dragon Age 2. The cool thing about him is his versatility, something you don’t see Loki in his other cosplays.

3 Thor

Now we go from the Asgardian antagonist to his more heroic brother. As his name would imply, James is a cosplayer from the UK who specifically focuses on portraying Thor, modeling this suit made by fellow Brit Adam of Crossbones Cosplay. This may be an old suit, as James is preparing to use bits and pieces of it to cosplay the one from the upcoming Ragnarok, but it’s a good one nonetheless.

He sells the cosplay well with his long, blond locks and beard, similar to Chris Hemsworth’s style. He even has similar eyes to Hemsworth, which is pretty cool, even if he doesn’t present a goofy, fun-seeking vibe like Thor sometimes has in the movies. Overall, he makes a great god of thunder.

2 Captain America and Spider-Man

This is an amazing shot taken by Gabriele Porrelli of Intrusioni Creative that recreates part of the airport scene from Civil War (after Cap gets his stolen shield back, of course). You can almost feel Spidey punching that shield, the sound reverberating across the runway.

Posing in general can be fun and look cool, but there is nothing quite like a strong action shot. While often against convention rules, mock combat can make any photo shoot more thrilling, leading to even better photos - like this one.

David and Viktor, together known as CT Avengers, are also Italian cosplayers. They have been active in the cosplay community since 2016 and appear at various cosplay events and entertainment fairs, with Spidey and Cap as their signature characters.

1 Iron Man

This Iron Man suit is pretty much flawless. He looks like he just walked off the Avengers set, or he could be a model for the action figure. The lights really sell it to make this suit look like it’s fully functional, capable of taking off at any moment. This must have taken months, if not a year, to complete, but Thai cosplayer Yosatorn Chamachoti did it, and we are beyond impressed.

There are tons of Iron Man cosplays out there of varying quality. Some are hilariously low-budget and become memes because of it, but a full Iron Man suit that nearly replicates the one from the movies is one of the best cosplays to find at a convention or online.

(photo credit – MP Photographer)


Which of these awesome cosplays is your favorite? Answer in the comments!

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