15 Steamiest Genderswapped Cosplays EVER

Every year during convention season, fans around the world don cosplays of their favorite characters. Many work tirelessly on their own outfits, sewing and constructing armor to make their costumes look as realistic as possible. Most cosplayers never get famous, but then there are those who gain notoriety for how much they look like a character, or how much skin they’re willing to reveal on the convention floor.

Occasionally, there are those brave cosplayers who choose to take on a gender bent character, or one that is a different gender from their own. Sometimes, it’s done as a joke, like when really hairy dudes dress like Wonder Woman or something, but then there are those cosplayers who understand their own bodies and come up with a version of the character for themselves that’s decidedly sexy. Suddenly, Marvel, DC, Disney, video game, and other pop culture characters have come to life in a way you’ve never imagined.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best gender-swapped cosplays with plenty of skin and sex appeal, guaranteed to steam your day up a bit. Both men and women are represented, because lets face it - when someone’s really attractive or portrays a character we love, what does it matter what gender they actually are? Here are the 15 Steamiest Gender-Swapped Cosplays EVER.

Is it hot in here or is it just these cosplayers?

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Joanie Brosas as Ash Ketchum from Pokemon Cosplay
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15 Joanie Brosas - Ash Ketchum

Joanie Brosas as Ash Ketchum from Pokemon Cosplay

Joanie Brosas started her modeling career as an Orion slave girl at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention in 2010. Since then, she's continued to model for different companies and done many of her own sexy cosplays from various fandoms. Her genderbent Pokemon cosplay of Ash Ketchum definitely takes the cake for one of the steamiest versions of the character we've ever seen.

Most female Pokemon trainer cosplays are of Misty, and while those can get pretty skimpy, there's something about the boyish style of Ash that makes this work in an unexpected way. Joanie's trademark long hair really adds a uniquely feminine twist that only she could pull off. Plus, between her girl next door features, long legs, and skin-baring outfit, she'd have no problem catching them all (if you know what we mean).

14 SoloRoboto - Power Girl

SoloRoboto as Power Girl Cosplay

Although he's primarily a prop maker, Steven Meissner of SoloRoboto Industries occasionally dons his own cosplay (often with his wife and fellow cosplayer, Kit Quinn). Usually, his outfits offer full coverage, since his props tend to take center stage, but in the case of his Power Girl cosplay, his body was the true star of the show.

While Power Girl is known for her comically large bust, naturally, a gender-swapped version would also have to show off the chest area. Luckily for us, Steven has a hot bod and turned an already steamy character and costume into an even steamier male version, wearing nothing but tiny shorts and a cape to accentuate his finely chiseled abs. If ever there was a Kryptonian to rival Superman's sex appeal, Steven's Power Girl cosplay is it.

13 Leanna Vamp - Freddy Kreuger

LeeAnna Vamp as Freddy Kreuger Gender Swap Cosplay

The queen of amazing gender-swapped cosplays, LeAnna Vamp has done it all. Preferring to stick to the horror, fantasy, and sci-fi genres, LeAnna has cosplayed everyone from Rick Grimes to Maleficent. But one of her most well known and steamiest horror cosplays will always be her take on the A Nightmare on Elm Street villain, Freddy Kreuger.

She has a few different versions, but this one’s definitely a fan favorite, since it shows the most skin. With a single Freddy glove, black hat, and one piece, striped bodysuit, she’s turned Wes Craven’s scariest fiend into a sexy one with a killer body. Freddy Kreuger may have made you fear sleep and anticipate awful nightmares, but Leanna Vamp’s version will have you looking forward to getting ripped to pieces by the ghoul of your dreams.

12 Jessica Nigri - Indiana Jones

Jessica Nigri as Indiana Jones Cosplay

We're so down for a female Indiana Jones, and apparently so is cosplayer, Jessica Nigri. Even ol' Indy himself wouldn't be able to resist Jessica in this steamy version of his classic look. She put this gender bent cosplay together for a trip to Zion National Park in Utah of all places. While hiking among the The Narrows, she pulled off an impromptu photoshoot using just her cellphone camera. The whip around the neck is an especially nice touch, adding a bit more eroticism to the pin-up style pose.

Perhaps it’s time to pass the torch to the younger generation, Harrison Ford. Although, can we please scrap the Mutt Williams character and give Indy a daughter like Frank Darabont originally intended? No offense to Shia Labeouf, but he was just not cut from the same cloth.

11 Raquel Sparrow - Aquaman

Raquel Sparrow as Aquaman DC Cosplay

Not to be confused with Aquawoman, who's a gender-swapped version of Aquaman in the Earth-11 Universe, cosplayer Raquel Sparrow created a fabulously sexy version of the Atlantean inspired by both the classic costume and Jason Momoa's updated version from the DC Extended Universe films. While the cinematic Aquaman has armor and fish scale tattoos all over his body, Raquel opted for a bodice and gauntlets in addition to keeping some of the same tattoos to complete her look. Photographer Snap Happy Ian really helped sell her gender bent version by shooting her at sunset when the lighting is gorgeous and the colors are vivid. It's a technique often used when photographing swimsuit models, which explains Raquel's smoldering look and the steamy effect her outfit has on the viewer. We can't help but wonder what Mera would think if Aquaman suddenly walked in looking like this instead of a muscle-y, buff dude. Let the fanboy fantasies begin.

10 Anna Quinn - The Joker

Anna Quinn as The Joker Cosplay

Somehow, the Joker seems a little less terrifying in a form-fitting latex top and boy shorts. Tattoo artist and model Anna Quinn put together her own steamy take on Batman’s arch nemesis, combining a bit of Heath Ledger’s Joker with the classic comic book version of the character. It’s kinda like what Harley Quinn might look like if she decided to take on the Clown Prince of Crime's mantle.

However, there’s no big evil grin and psychotic stare here. Instead, that’s been traded for a sultry gaze, sure to inspire naughty thoughts of an entirely different kind. Sure, she could still murder you, but at least you’d die with a smile on your face—an entirely appropriate ending for one of the Joker’s victims.

9 Junkers Cosplay - Pocahontas

Junkers Cosplay as Pocahontas Disney Cosplay

A Navy veteran and engineer Junkers Cosplay, aka Johnny Zabate, has brought many a video game and anime character to life—even serving as a cosplay ambassador for Crunchy Roll. However, inspired by a piece of gender bent Disney fan art, where Pocahontas was portrayed by a man, he decided to make that version of the character a reality. Judging from the pictures on his Facebook page, it's pretty safe to say he absolutely nailed it.

While he only crafted the necklace and feather headpiece himself, he worked with two other cosplayers, Twinzik and SpacePizza, to get Sakumi chan's male Pocahontas took down. It doesn't hurt that Johnny also has the abs to match, making for one hunky, gender-swapped character that any fan would love to come across in the forest.

8 Eve Beauregard - Nightwing

Eve Beauregard as Nightwing Cosplay

Thoroughly involved in the Australian geek community as a games developer, Eve Beauregard also frequently cosplays at local and international conventions. She makes and builds many of her own costumes, which range from Star Wars characters to gaming and comic book characters. For the most part, she dresses up as and models female characters, but occasionally, she’ll come up with a brilliant gender-swapped cosplay like this version of Nightwing photographed by E Photography.

While not quite as revealing as some of the other cosplays on this list, Eve’s Nightwing still has sex appeal, with the use of a corset and garters incorporated into her outfit. Lots of folks fawn over the tall, dark, and handsome versions of Nightwing, but let’s not forget that the mantle has been taken up by beautiful, strong women in the past as well.

7 Ivy DoomKitty - Mario

Ivy Doomkitty as Mario from Nintendo Cosplay

Super Mario Brothers isn’t exactly the first video game that comes to mind when thinking up sexy cosplays. Nevertheless, when you love a character, you love a character, and you’ll find whatever creative means necessary to make it your own. After all, that’s what cosplay is all about.

With the help of photographer Geri Kramer, professional cosplayer Ivy Doomkitty took such an approach with Mario. She turned the mini Italian plumber into a voluptuous goddess, leaving many Nintendo fans in awe of her version of the much beloved character. Even though it would probably be pretty hard to jump and slide down pipes in that outfit, sometimes you have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. Besides, it’s not every day that you can say you got all hot and bothered by Mario (Maria?), as weird as that might seem when you really think about it for a minute.

6 Chris Villain - Slave Leia

Chris Villain as Slave Leia Star Wars Cosplay

Known for his covers of pop and Disney songs as well as parodies of franchises like Game of Thrones and Harry Potter, Chris Villain has made a name for himself using popular culture as a venue. It’s no surprise then that he also cosplays well known characters, frequently gender bending them into even sexier male versions.

He posted this pic of himself as Slave Leia, or Slave Leion as he dubbed it, on the opening day of Star Wars: The Force Awakens back in 2015. Taken by fellow cosplayer Elizabeth Rage, Chris donned a male version of the costume for the photo, which features him shirtless in red harem pants. It’s actually quite similar to Princess Jasmine’s look in Aladdin too, after Jafar tries to make her his slave. Either way, he’s done quite a service for folks looking for a male cosplayer to ogle over for once.

5 Toni Darling - Thor

Toni Darling as Thor Marvel Cosplay

A few years before Jane Foster was introduced as the new Thor in the comics, cosplayer Toni Darling showed the world what a female Thor might look like. Not to be confused with Thor Girl, who's a friend and ally of the God of Thunder, this is actual Thor with mighty Mjolnir and everything.

Darling crafted an incredible winged helm and metal breastplate for herself that are both impressive yet flattering enough to accentuate her female form. Combined with a steamy but fierce pose, her gender-swapped version of Thor is even more gorgeous than the actual one from Marvel Comics. Hopefully, we will eventually see Jane Foster take up the Thor mantle in the films, but until then, at least we have the beautiful Toni Darling to fawn over.

4 Megan Coffey - Jesse McCree

Megan Coffey as McCree Cosplay

Overwatch has fast become one of the most popular video games in the world, surpassing 30 million players after only a year. It’s no wonder then that many cosplayers are choosing to dress up as their favorite characters, whether they’re the same gender as them or not. Megan Coffey, a South Florida based cosplayer, decided to tackle one of the heroes of Overwatch, McCree, and turn him into a sexy her.

Coffey’s take on McCree has an exposed midriff and breastplate crop top, which has turned a rugged gunslinger into a sultry vixen, and we’re totally okay with it. Not even swapping genders could stop McCree from still being the BAMF that he (or she) is meant to be, and honestly, we’d love to see this version fighting for just causes with Peacekeeper at the helm.

3 Manzinat0r - Sonic the Hedgehog

Manzinat0r as Sonic the Hedgehog SEGA Cosplay

Cosplayer Manzi Deyoung has made a career out of costuming and wardrobe styling, working in the entertainment industry. She frequently crafts her own costumes and wears them proudly at conventions, often collaborating with photographers to create stunningly realistic versions of animated characters. One such character she did a few years ago was a gender-swapped version of Sonic the Hedgehog. Yes, the little blue guy who runs like the wind and collects golden rings. That Sonic.

Teaming up with cosplay photographer Greg De Stefano, Manzi made “a ‘sexy’ version of the unsexiest thing” she could think of. We have to admit, it’s a little weird to have an attraction to a blue hedgehog, but stranger things have happened in the world, so why not? Manzi makes the steamiest Sonic ever, and we just can’t fault her for pulling it off.

2 Jaycee Cosplay - Captain America

Jaycee Cosplay as Captain America

Studio 95 Photographix captured this gorgeous pin-up style Captain America modeled by Jaycee Cosplay. Known for her ultra sexy versions of famous comic heroes and Mortal Kombat characters, Jaycee has been making a name for herself in the cosplay community for the past five years. Her gender-bent Captain America has become a fan favorite, as it captures the spirit of vintage Cap and the USO entertainers from the 1940s.

According to Jaycee, she got the idea from a friend's pin-up Avengers fan art and had to bring one of the images to life. It's certainly a fun tribute to the Marvel superhero, and Jaycee has really made it her own. We'd love to see her take on the rest of the Avengers, especially Black Widow.

1 Crystal Graziano - Snake

Crystal Graziano as Naked Snake MGS Cosplay

We have to give it up to Crystal Graziano for taking one of the most traditionally masculine video game characters ever and turning him into an unbelievably sexy woman warrior. Who knew that a gender bent version of Naked Snake/Big Boss could be so hot?

Some of you might be thinking, "but wait, this is just a mashup of Quiet and Naked Snake," but you would be wrong. Crystal posted this back in 2013, two years before Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was released, and months before the character concept for Quiet was even revealed by Kojima.

But the game creator's comments made us wonder if Crystal's cosplay actually inspired the design for Quiet's final look. Hideo Kajima actually said "The initial target is to make you want to do cosplay or its figure to sell well," on his Twitter. Well, it wouldn't be the first time that art imitated life, and it certainly won't be the last. Kudos to Crystal for predicting the future!


Which of the gender-swapped cosplays featured above was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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