25 Hottest DC Cosplayers Who Look Just Like Their Characters

Cosplay is an art form that takes time, money, and effort. Check out these 25 cosplayers from the DC fandom who absolutely nail their costumes.

Cosplay, short for "costume play," is an art form that takes time, money, and effort to bring your favorite characters to life. People cosplay for different reasons - to make friends with other fans, for charity, or even to break into the costuming business. Whatever the case may be, of everything there is to see at a convention, cosplayers are among our favorites. The halls are vibrant with everyone dressed in ball gowns, suits of armor, and more, and photographers' cameras are clicking left and right to capture all of the glamour.

San Diego Comic Con is right around the corner, and while everyone is looking forward to seeing trailers and updates on upcoming movies, those who are lucky enough to attend will also get to see thousands of fabulous comic book cosplays. Whether you can't go to Comic Con or can't wait to go, check out these 25 DC Cosplayers Who Look Just Like Their Characters to pass the time between conventions.

Who knows - maybe you'll find some inspiration to work on your own cosplay. With multiple versions of each character to choose from - not to mention, the option to do your own alternate version - the possibilities are endless in cosplay.

25 The Joker (Suicide Squad)

Despite negative reviews from critics, Suicide Squad was a popular source material for cosplayers to pick from. These versions of the iconic DC villains quickly outnumbered, almost replacing, the original designs from the comics and video games on convention floors. While nobody could truly replace Heath Ledger as the Joker, Jared Leto did a bang-up job, which is why so many people chose to cosplay his version, including Broseph David.

Broseph David is a popular gamer and YouTuber who is also known for cosplaying Spider-Man, The Riddler, and even Rick Sanchez. This shot looks amazing, with a great backdrop choice. Broseph went the extra mile with his makeup by drawing on all of the tattoos to give the cosplay that extra oomph as opposed to just leaving the coat closed.

24 Raven and Cyborg (Teen Titans)

I miss Tylor :"/ #ilyteasquad

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Teen Titans was a childhood favorite for many nerds, and while Teen Titans Go! is a letdown in comparison, it doesn’t stop people from cosplaying as these popular teen heroes. Some will cosplay individually or as part of a group. Either one is great, but it’s always fun to see people squad up, such as Newdll and her friend Tylor as Raven and Cyborg.

Newdll has Raven’s personality down with that bored-looking facial expression. It’s also nice to see Cyborg cosplayers because they aren’t as common due to the difficulty of making a big suit like that, but the amazing part about Tylor’s cosplay is that it lights up to make it even more eye-catching at cons. They don’t even need the rest of the team because they look great on their own.

23 Cisco Ramon/Vibe (The Flash)

The Arrowverse TV shows have certainly inspired more DC Comics cosplays, and while you can find plenty of cosplays of the title heroes, it’s nice to see the supporting characters get some love. Cosplay Made Me stands out as Cisco wearing his Vibe suit, bearing a striking resemblance to The Flash actor Carlos Valdes. They practically look like the same person.

It takes a village to make a cosplay, and Cosplay Made Me had some help in the same way that Barry gets support from the team at S.T.A.R. Labs. Kino Kaoru made the suit, while Cali Canary and Assassyn Hobbit styled the wig and Studio Boheme the shoes. The result of their combined efforts was a fantastic cosplay that surely turned heads at ToyCon.

22 New 52 Wonder Woman

With the release of Wonder Woman back in June and its continued dominance at the box office, you can expect more and more Diana cosplays to pop up during this year’s Halloween and convention circuit. But that doesn’t mean that it’ll only be cosplays from the movie – Diana gets a snazzy new update in the New 52 universe that draws inspiration for cosplayers, such as Isabel Cortez.

Cortez is a cosplayer from the Philippines who has been cosplaying since 2009. She is also known for cosplaying as Jessica Jones, Suicide Squad Harley Quinn, and Nebula, among other variations of Diana. Her New 52 cosplay stands out, however, because of the details on the red part of the bodysuit, and how everything is the exact shade of the costume from the comics.

21 Harley Quinn (Arkham City)

Double👿Trouble #kittyyoung #harleyquinn #kickingAss #nycc2016 #cosplay

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The Suicide Squad version isn’t the only popular one of Harley Quinn – there’s always her classic jester look from the comics, but a lot of people will cosplay one of the video game iterations of her. Kitty Young cosplays multiple versions of Harley, but in particular she nails her look from Arkham City. She doesn’t look anything like Harley outside of cosplay, which makes her transformation all the more amazing.

Kitty Young has been active in the cosplay community since 2013. She is also known for cosplaying as Sailor Mars, but as she puts it in her most recent post, she’s “forever a Harley.” Every cosplayer has a signature cosplay or a character they strongly identify with; the one cosplay that they continue to update and rework.

20 Green Arrow (Arrow)

Oliver Queen started out with a different costume at the beginning of the series, this one being the most recently updated one, but fans continue to embrace the character in either suit. While Arrow may have slightly dropped in quality due to taking itself way too seriously, the cosplays certainly haven’t. We found an awesome one worn by Andrew Vlasak, also known as Serene_Assassin Cosplay.

The Shinedown song lyrics may be a bit edgy for the caption, but the foliage in the background blends nicely behind his suit. The green everywhere makes this shot look great. He also pulls a good Oliver face, capturing the “I’ve seen some serious ****” essence of his character. He looks ready to take on the city, and he has us convinced.

19 Killer Frost (The Flash)

Kristy Gibson, also known as Koi Fish Asylum, rocked this Killer Frost cosplay at this year’s PAX East back in March. She is a dress and costume maker on Etsy who is mainly known for her foam superhero masks, which can be purchased for $5.50. She is also known for cosplaying as Poison Ivy, Emma Frost, and Harley Quinn (multiple variants), among others (we’re starting to see a trend here – a lot of evil and/or ice-themed characters).

Everything in this photo, taken by BNH Photography, works – from the details on her costume to the blue lights in the background, everything comes together nicely for her to fully capture the essence of DC’s ice queen. She even wears icy blue-colored contacts, which are a nice touch.

18 Terra (Teen Titans)

Photo shoots are a lot of fun – if people are going to make these amazing cosplays, of course they’re going to want to get pictures of them. And if Austrian photographer Melenea teaches us anything here, it’s that a little photo editing can take an already amazing cosplay and instantly make it look better.

Bambi Cosplay is also from Austria and has been cosplaying since 2014. She is also known for cosplaying as Hilda from Pokémon, Petra Ral from Attack on Titan, Lisbeth from Sword Art Online, and Yuna Braska from Final Fantasy X, to name a few.

Her Terra cosplay is awesome, though, and this shot that presents her geo-kinetic abilities is powerful. Melenea certainly doesn’t skimp on the details, even coloring Bambi’s eyes gold for the full effect.

17 Supergirl (DC Bombshells)

While the DC Bombshells were initially created as a line of figures, their popularity increased tenfold and are still popular cosplay choices for women in the community. Estampida Fotografia snapped this photo, which shows another great cosplay that involves quite the transformation.

The craftsmanship is lovely – the gold lining on the dress is well done and everything else matches perfectly. And as if that isn’t enough, she has a pretty face to boot. If only we could see more of the scarf, but there are other photos.

Sophie Valentine is a gamer and model from Argentina who has been active in the cosplay community since 2012. Sophie’s Bombshell Supergirl cosplay is only one incredible example of how she can turn herself into any character, from Final Fantasy XV’s Cindy Aurum to Mortal Kombat’s Kitana.

16 Black Canary (Arrow)

This is another amazing cosplay where the cosplayer happens to look like the actor who plays the character being portrayed. Hell, even her name is actually Laurel! She’s from Georgia and she cosplays multiple versions of the Black Canary, as well as Poison Ivy and Billie Piper (Bad Wolf) from Doctor Who.

She has enough Black Canary cosplays for an entire four-day convention weekend – that’s how you know you’ve found your signature character. It’s amazing to see how much she resembles actress Katie Cassidy when she’s cosplaying the Arrowverse version of Black Canary, but while wearing the other versions from the comics, she stands out as an individual talent and makes the character her own. Great job, Laurel!

Additional props go to Felgnox, who edited this photo.

15 Wonder Woman (movie)

Photographer Collin Kerr shot this beauty. Anneliese Arelette, also known as Hangry Annie Cosplay, is from Australia, and her Wonder Woman cosplay is to die for. Look at the detail on that armor! You can also see more of it on her boots and sword – not to mention, she picked the perfect wig. The little scratches to show wear and tear from Diana fighting were a nice touch.

The progress photos from when she made her cosplay are awesome, and there are plenty of more shots of the finished product, so you have to check out her social media to see it all.

Hangry Annie is also known for cosplaying as Psylocke, Lara Croft, and a genderswapped Casey Jones. She does charity events and movie screening appearances.

14 Raven (Teen Titans)

While Raven cosplayers are fairly common, as she’s one of the more popular titans, it’s hard to find one that particularly resembles her. Enter Susanna (CraftyCat Cosplay), a cosplayer and prop maker from Canada who has the face that we picture Raven having in live-action. Tyler Asselin (Half Light Photography and Creative Arts) snapped this photo at this year’s FanQuest back in May.

It’s a simple shot of her standing on some stairs, but the lighting works with the darkness of her character. Her face looks great, and not just because of the awesome makeup job she did – the expression is on point.

Susanna’s Princess Peach cosplay won her the title of Miss Otafest in 2016, but she is also known for cosplaying as Harley Quinn and Hawkgirl.

13 Stargirl

Stargirl is a more obscure DC character, though she was introduced to the Arrowverse during the second season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. She’s a member of the Justice Society of America who, on DC’s Legends, hides a piece of the Spear of Destiny in sixth-century Camelot, disguised as Merlin. She also appeared on the ninth and tenth seasons of Smallville.

Florencia Sofen is a Spanish cosplayer and photographer who specializes in comic book and video game cosplays. She is also known for cosplaying as Scarlet Witch, Wonder Woman, both Captain and Miss Marvel, and Cammy White, among many others.

While the suit was made by Zentaizone, Florencia did make Stargirl’s staff – and she looks so much like the character. Fali Ruiz-Dávila is the talented photographer who took this shot.

12 New 52 Superman

While Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman were both critical disappointments, that hasn’t lowered Superman’s popularity one bit. You can find tons of cosplayers donning his suit from either the original comics or movies, New 52, the DCEU, and even the one from the Supergirl TV series. Check out this shot of Canadian cosplayer Matt Aucoin dressed in the New 52 suit, taken at Hal-Con by Nikki Brown. He certainly wears it well, and the quote is a great caption for the photo.

Matt has been cosplaying since (at least) 2014 and is an official model for Cosplay Alliance. He is also known for cosplaying as Batman, Captain America, Hawkman, and even Prince Eric, and he has the face to pull them all off.

11 Fish Mooney and Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin (Gotham)

While not as popular as the Arrowverse shows, Gotham is still going strong, having been renewed for season four after a strong rally by fans who wanted to save the Batman prequel from cancellation. Among the fans pushing for the show’s renewal were Shellane and Dean Demarest, jointly known as Cos A Commotion (great name, by the way – very clever). They are a married couple from Florida who are also known for cosplaying as Rick Grimes and Michonne from The Walking Dead and Star-Lord and Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy.

They are particularly known for how much they resemble their characters in terms of physical features. Shellane looks exactly like Jada Pinkett Smith – it’s uncanny, but awesome. Also, her wig and the feathers on her dress – fabulous.

10 New 52 Starfire

This certainly isn’t the Starfire we saw on Teen Titans, but an older, more mature version from the comics. Starfire, however, is a lovable character who looks cool in any form. This shot, taken by Tim Bermingham, looks great with the purple background, and the fire on the ends of her hair really makes her pop. Also, whatever bronzer or body paint she used isn’t too orange – it looks natural for a live-action setting while capturing Starfire’s look to stand out.

Rebecca Malicious, also known as Bec’s Cosplay Wonderland, is from Canada and has been cosplaying and modeling since 2012. She has cosplayed almost every version of Starfire, but is also known for cosplaying as Juliet Starling, Ariel, Harley Quinn, and multiple characters from Overwatch.

9 Disney Princess Batman

This needs to come back this year #princessbatman #cosplay

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Do you remember that one meme where Batman was drawn as a pretty Disney princess? He was wearing a pink ball gown, similar to Cinderella’s, with flushed cheeks and a cutesy smile on his face. Well, someone actually decided to cosplay him like that – Australian cosplayer Sunday Cosplay, who first wore this to Supanova Gold Coast 2014. Decade Three Pictures snapped this glorious photo at the con.

His Princess Batman cosplay was featured in a BuzzFeed article, where he told reporter Ellie Hall that he had commissioned a pink version of Belle’s ball gown from Beauty and the Beast. The cowl he made himself.

Doesn’t he look manly. After all, only real men wear pink.

Sunday Cosplay has been cosplaying and building props since 2012.

8 Batgirl

You can tell just how much work cosplayer Holly Brooke put into her sleek Batgirl suit, because everything looks beautifully crafted. She used the best materials, found the perfect wig, and even has a matching grapple gun (made by Keroga Forge) as an extra piece of the cosplay. Reevzfx made the cowl, while Eurobeat Kasumi Photography took the photo.

Holly is from California and has been cosplaying since 2009. She is also known for cosplaying as Sailor Moon, Zero Suit Samus, Supergirl, and many more. When she was younger, her mom and grandmother taught her how to sew, starting with Halloween costumes and the like, and the rest is history. Fun fact – on a whim, she once made a Catwoman suit in about 24 hours. Neat!

7 Green Arrow and Black Canary (comics)

This photo was taken in 30-40 degree weather, with The East Coast Arrow as, well, the Green Arrow, and Jenna Daggers as Black Canary (the photographer was John W. Photography). This photo is a perfect replica of the figure featuring the iconic couple, but what makes this shot so adorable is how happy they look. Jenna and East Coast Arrow have great chemistry and appear to be having a lot of fun, even in the cold.

East Coast Arrow even said that this was one of his favorite shots of his cosplay career – well, it’s one of our favorite shots that we’ve seen. Seriously, we can’t get over how cute this photo is. While East Coast Arrow obviously has his signature character, Jenna is also known for cosplaying Rogue and a punk Poison Ivy.

6 Nightwing

This was another commissioned piece that led to amazing results. ShiroiOji Cosplay rocks this Nightwing suit made by uBest Cosplay, the mask made by Tiger Stone FX. Photographer MJB Design Works captured the whole thing. It’s amazing how much ShiroiOji looks like Nightwing. He couldn’t have a better face for it. The cool thing is, he has a face that helps him to pull off any cosplay, which adds to his versatility as a cosplayer.

ShiroiOji Cosplay is based out of Connecticut and attends many conventions in the New England area. He is also known for cosplaying as Green Arrow, Captain America, Spider-Man, and gender-swapped versions of Gwenpool, Psylocke, and Poison Ivy. It’s always fun to see guys do genderbends of our favorite female characters.

5 Wonder Woman (TV show)

This is an amazing replica of the original suit that Lynda Carter wore in the classic Wonder Woman TV series, which ran from 1975-1979. She even has a horse to pose with, in true Amazonian fashion – bonus points for that. Trying to force your pets into any costume isn’t recommended, but if they happen to stay still for a photo, then by all means, go for it. David Zato took a lovely photo here, with Lynda making for a strong Wonder Woman.

While she has cosplayed both the TV and movie versions of Wonder Woman, as her username suggests, she specifically focuses on her portrayal of the Lynda Carter version, which makes sense because she looks more like Lynda. Lynda Carter Cosplayer is from Colombia and has been cosplaying since 2012.

4 Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad)

Pheromone Doe snapped this photo at Comic Con Germany earlier this month, of one of the Harley-est Harley Quinn cosplayers we’ve ever seen. While Suicide Squad Harley Quinn was the most popular Halloween costume of 2016, Rotten Candy Cosplay stands out because of how much she actually resembles actress Margot Robbie. Look at the way her eyes pierce the camera with that stare.

Rotten Candy Cosplay is from Germany and has been cosplaying since 2016. She is an official page model for Wonderful World of Cosplay and sells cosplay accessories on her own Storenvy shop. In addition to (multiple variants of) Harley Quinn, Rotten Candy is known for cosplaying as Misty from Pokémon, Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls, and Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

3 Poison Ivy

Lux Briel is an Italian cosplayer who has been active in the community since 2013. She does a lot of video game cosplays – in addition to Poison Ivy and Zatanna, she is known for cosplaying as Tharja from Fire Emblem: Awakening, Widowmaker from Overwatch, and Ciri from The Witcher III. She also has a shop on Storenvy, where she sells cosplay prints.

This is actually a revamp of the original Poison Ivy cosplay she did back when she first started cosplaying. The bodysuit is beautifully made, and the wig is a more natural shade of red, perfect for capturing the character in live-action. The matching red and green foliage in the background puts this photo, taken by Francesco Ambuchi, over the top as one of our favorites.

2 Supergirl (comics)

I think next year I will really finish my other Supergirl cosplay. :3

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Okay, as amazing as the backdrop is, let’s talk about the cosplay itself. While Supergirl’s suit is often drawn with yellow lining, the cosplay looks much prettier with gold as the accent color. Also, she cut the top of her boots into the exact shape with the gold lining – those extra details make her look like she stepped off the pages of her comic book. The entire cosplay looks effortless, and she looks gorgeous in it.

Enji Night has been cosplaying since 2011. While she is from Hungary, she attends conventions around the world. She also does a lot of video game cosplays, known for cosplaying as Katarina from League of Legends, Claire Redfield from Resident Evil, and Kasumi from Dead or Alive, to name a few.

1 Justice League

Mark Zygo snapped this photo of a near-complete Justice League team at this year’s MCM London Comic Con back in May. Everyone looks great and could easily fit into the DCEU.

The Wonder Woman, LolainProgress Cosplay, has traces of Lynda Carter in her features, and even has lighter brown hair like Lynda, which makes for a cool combination of past and present Wonder Women. The Batman, one half of M&K_Cosplay, has the best facial expression to suit his character who probably doesn’t want to be there.

King Tide Cosplay put so much detail into his Aquaman suit and trident, and has the best hair and beard – Hollywood costume makers would be proud. Mark Jeffries has a good Superman face as well. The four of them together make a strong cosplay group.


Which of these amazing cosplays is your favorite? Answer in the comments!

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