Hotel Transylvania: Miley Cyrus Says She Was Fired For Crude Cake Photos

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Miley Cyrus says she was fired from Hotel Transylvania for sharing photos of herself and a penis cake. With a career that has seamlessly woven through acting, into music, and back into acting again, Cyrus has easily become one of the biggest stars of the past two decades.

Cyrus is the daughter of country music one-hit wonder Billy Ray Cyrus, and to date she has released 7 studio albums, selling more than 55 million singles worldwide and 20 million albums. More often than not, the 27-year-old is known more for her music than her acting, but her film and television roles have been substantial, having worked with famed directors such as Woody Allen, Sofia Coppola, and Tim Burton. Most recently, Cyrus had a central role in the hit dystopian sci-fi series Black Mirror, in which she played a tongue in cheek version of herself as seen from the sort of bizarre perspective that only the popular series could offer. In recent days, however, Cyrus has been making the news due to her split with husband, Hunger Games star, Liam Hemsworth. Though the couple has been together for a decade, their marriage only lasted 8 months.

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Rumors have persisted throughout the couple’s breakup and subsequent divorce that the split is due to Cyrus being unfaithful. But in new revelations on the actress/singer’s Twitter account, Cyrus contends that not only did her marriage not end due to any sort of infidelity but that her desire to be honest and upfront with everyone meant she had numerous things to share. One of the more surprising admissions offered up was that she was fired from 2012’s Hotel Transylvania for buying Hemsworth a penis-shaped cake on his birthday, which she was photographed with. You can see Cyrus’ complete Twitter thread below:

Back in 2011, Cyrus was hired as the voice of Dracula’s daughter Mavis in Adam Sandler’s Hotel Transylvania. However, in the early months of 2012, Sony revealed that Cyrus was no longer involved with the project and declined to expand on why this was. Cyrus was replaced by Selena Gomez, and the Hotel Transylvania franchise has since gone on to gross over $1 billion at the global box office. At present, THR reports that a source for Sony has confirmed that Cyrus was indeed let go due to Sony’s fears at the time that the star’s desire to move beyond her Disney Channel image clashed with Hotel Transylvania’s intended appeal. Despite this confirmation, however, Sony has not made an official statement acknowledging Cyrus’ claims.

As things currently stand, it does appear that Cyrus is at a transformative stage in her life and career. She’s never been one to shy away from controversy, and going on Twitter to reveal intimate details about her life and career definitely does appear to be one way to prove to the public that she is serious about being honest and upfront at all times. While we may never know for certain exactly what happened to Cyrus and Hemsworth’s relationship, it’s clear that Cyrus is ready to move on and fans likely can’t help feel that despite the issues that the actress/musician has been through, the future still holds much promise.

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Source: Miley Cyrus/THR

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