Hot Tub Time Machine Red Band Trailer #2 Turns Up the Bubbles

We’ve been following the raunchy comedy Hot Tub Time Machine for a few months now and each time a new trailer or clip drops the movie gets funnier and raunchier. This latest red band trailer is no different. Laying it on thick with the cussing and sprinkling in some nudity, Hot Tub Time Machine is definitely not a comedy for everyone.

Hot Tub Time Machine follows the story of 4 friends, Adam (John Cusack), Lou, (Rob Corddry), Nick (Craig Robinson) and Jacob (Clark Duke), as they head up to a ski resort they’ve been frequenting since they were in college. Well, everyone except Jacob because he’s several years younger than the rest of the guys. During a night of partying, with what appears to be a bear mascot, they end up in a hot tub and after waking up the next morning, they find themselves transported back to 1986.

I’m sure there will be some sort of story about going back and reliving your glory days and how ultimately, you should be happy with the way your life is now – or something life affirming and predictable like that. I’m sort of hoping director Steve Pink (Accepted) doesn’t go that route though and keeps the story funny and satirical.  If there is one decade that just lends itself well to satirical humor, it’s the 80’s. High-top fades, ridiculous color combinations, over-the-top hair bands and more are just hanging on the edge of the limb waiting for someone to pick them.

There are two version of the trailer out right now: A high definition version on YouTube that covers the nudity with strategically placed popcorn buckets or a low quality version that shows the nipples. Pick your poison, both versions are strictly NSFW:





I like the references to Back to the Future 2 and I’ve always thought if I ever went back in time I’d do the exact same thing. Of course, I’d be a little bit more discreet about it and only bet on the big underdog games but that’s just me.

Joining the guys on the quest to relive their glory days are Chevy Chase, who has been killing it on the new show Community, Crispin Glover (Willard), Lizzy Caplan (True Blood)and Charlie McDermott (Sex Drive). Hot Tub Time Machine was written by Josh Heald and Sean Anders (Sex Drive) who, between them, only have a handful of movie writing experiences, but that doesn’t mean this film can’t have the same success as The Hangover.

It can’t do that bad because any movie that has this scene in it has GOT to be good.

What do you think of the latest trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine and how do you think it will do with audiences?

Hot Tub Time Machine transports audiences March 19th, 2010.

Sources: YouTube, Cinema Blend

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