'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' Super Bowl Trailer Busts Patriots' Ballgate

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Super Bowl Trailer

As Super Bowl XLIX weekend approaches, so do the flood of Super Bowl ads and movie trailers that have become as much a part of the annual Big Game ritual as the game itself.

Getting an early start is Paramount's Hot Tub Time Machine 2, which wastes no time getting in on the "Ballgate" scandal involving accusations of cheating (by way of deflated footballs) which were levied against Super Bowl contenders The New England Patriots.

If nothing else, the editors of the TV spot deserve credit for a fast turnaround and spot-on tailoring of the sequel's raunchy comedy to a situation they could have never seen coming during actual production of the movie.

As for the film itself: previous Hot Tub Time Machine 2 trailers suggest that it is pretty much a return to the form of the first film - not surprising, since the cast (with the exception of Adam Scott replacing John Cusack), writer and director of the first film are all back for the sequel.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Super Bowl Commerial Patriots

However, we still stand at the crossroads of the now-stigmatized comedy sequel movie. Sly winking twists on the sequel formula are few and far between (22 Jump Street); most tend to be straight-up idea rehashes (Hangover 2), or thin attempts to slightly tweak the formula of the first (Horrible Bosses 2). Hot Tub Time Machine looks like it falls into the latter camp:

When Lou (Rob Corddry), who has become the "father of the Internet," is shot by an unknown assailant, Jacob (Clark Duke) and Nick (Craig Robinson) fire up the time machine again to save their friend.

Yup, pretty much a slight tweak on the first.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 will be in theaters on February 20, 2015.

Source: Paramount

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