Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Rocket Hot Toys Figure Revealed


Guardians of the Galaxy was initially deemed a risk for Marvel Studios, but the property is now one of their most popular. The characters were a big reason why the film caught on with so many viewers, as the likes of Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot were able to ground the otherworldly concept into a heartwarming story about friends and family. Moviegoers have waited three long years to see the team reassemble, making Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 one of the most anticipated projects of the summer. Marvel is currently in the midst of putting together another excellent marketing campaign centered around humor and more retro pop songs.

Merchandising is obviously a big piece of any studio blockbuster, and there will clearly be no shortage of products for Marvel's latest adventure through the cosmos. Action figures have provided fans with their best look at Kurt Russell's Ego the Living Planet, and Toy Fair 2017 served as the unveiling for several more Guardians products that will be available. For collectors looking for something that's built more for display than play time, Hot Toys has come through again with an all-new Rocket figure based on Vol. 2.

On their Facebook page, Hot Toys announced the 1/6 scale Rocket figure, which includes a bevy of features and accessories. It has a tailored combat suit, jetpack, weapons, interchangeable hands and feet, plus a Baby Groot figure that can rest on Rocket's shoulders. Additionally, the Rocket figure comes with a stand that offers a variety of posing options - be it on the ground or in the air. You can check out images of the new Hot Toys Rocket in the gallery below:


[vn_gallery name="Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Rocket Raccoon Figure" id="910067"]

Hot Toys also has a deluxe version of the figure planned, which comes with more weapons (some really big guns) and another head depicting Rocket smiling mischievously. The standard 1/6 scale figure only has the snarling facial expression. Either one would make a fine addition for one's collection, as they continue Hot Toys' tradition of making movie-accurate products that look extremely realistic. Rocket and Groot are arguably the biggest fan-favorites of the main group, so there will definitely be a lot of interest in purchasing this one. Baby Groot in particular is poised to be quite the scene-stealer in Vol. 2, so some people may want to buy Hot Toys' latest simply for the troublesome toddler.


Unfortunately for those looking to get a Rocket for their shelf, this figure will not release until the fourth quarter of 2017 or first quarter of 2018, per Hot Toys. Still, it seems as if it'll be worth the wait, and hopefully by then Guardians 2 has become a massive hit, endearing Rocket and Groot even more to viewers. Based on the footage that's been shown so far, the dynamic duo looks to be one of the sequel's standout elements, which means everyone will want to bring them home.

Source: Hot Toys

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