HOT New Art From Watchmen Movie

For those of you who have been CLOSELY analyzing the Watchmen Trailer in widescreen, 1080p resolution for the last few days, you may have already noticed this. For everybody else, feast your eyes on this bit of "pin-up art" by artist James Jean. (Fellas, it's definitely worth the look!)

[Semi-safe for work]

The pic in question is an old-school style, "pin-up girl" painting Jean did of 50's era heroine Sally Jupiter, played in the film by actress Carla Gugino (Sin City). The pin-up actually appears in the trailer for a brief moment, around 1:32, when The Comedian (Jeffery Dean Morgan) is trying to defend himself against a mysterious assailant in his apartment. (Look at the wall over the Comedian's left shoulder. I'll leave the significance of the painting in that scene up to your film school interpretation.)

And now, without further ado, Sally Jupiter/Carla Gugino in all her airbrushed glory!

Thank Harry over at ACIN via James Jean for this little ray of sunshine. If only real life were always this lovely.

Watchmen hits theaters on March 6, 2009.

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