Exclusive: Hostile Planet Footage Shows A Jaguar Hunting... A Crocodile

National Geographic Hostile Planet Exclusive Jaguar

A new Hostile Planet clip shows a jaguar battling a crocodile. On the National Geographic docuseries that debuted early April 2019, host Bear Grylls explores the world’s most brutal habitats.

National Geographic first launched on television in 2011. Over the years, it’s been known for producing nature-themed series, along with numerous documentaries about historic events and historical figures. In recent years, National Geographic aired the docudrama science fiction series Mars, and the network has also broadcast the talk show StarTalk hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson. Aside from Hostile Planet, National Geographic currently airs Wicked Tuna, Life Below Zero, Legendary Catch, and Savage Kingdom, among others on-going series.

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In an exclusive Hostile Planet clip that Nat Geo shared with Screen Rant, a jaguar hunts a caiman, otherwise known as a crocodile from Central and South America. Early on, the jaguar slowly lurks in a swamp, with Grylls narrating the action. Initially, a wide shot shows the jaguar’s approach, but then a close-up focuses on the jaguar’s eyes as it processes the movements of its prey. The jaguar then pounces on the crocodile, prompting a few moments of aquatic tumbling and twirling. The jaguar establishes control, not only with a strong hold on the prey’s body, but also with a firm bite on the back of the head. The jaguar finally manages to flip the crocodile, allowing for an immobilizing skull bite. Watch the full Hostile Planet clip below. 

Hostile Planet is produced by cinematographer and director Guillermo Navarro. In 1993, Navarro was director of photography on Guillermo del Toro’s horror film Cronos, and then collaborated with Robert Rodriguez for Desperado, Four Rooms, and the original From Dusk till Dawn. He was later hired by Quentin Tarantino to shoot the 1997 crime thriller Jackie Brown, and then reunited with del Toro for The Devil’s Backbone and Hellboy. For his cinematography work on del Toro’s 2006 dark fantasy drama Pan’s Labyrinth, Navarro won an Academy Award for Best Cinematography. In recent years, Navarro has crossed over into television, directing episodes of Hannibal, Narcos, Preacher, Luke Cage, and Star Trek: Discovery. Next, Navarro will serve as the cinematographer for Stephen Gaghan’s 2020 fantasy comedy The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Antonio Banderas. 

While Hostile Planet’s host and narrator Bear Grylls is crucial to the series’ appeal, Mother Nature itself is obviously the primary focus and source of the best material. Even so, Grylls is indeed an experienced military veteran, along with being a well-known survivalist figure in mainstream pop culture. With Guillermo Navarro running the show for Hostile Planet, National Geographic has ensured that each episode will not only be immaculately produced, but also full of visuals that transcend the typical film-and-watch nature documentaries of the past.  

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