'Hostel 3' Begins Shooting in August

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It looks like another Las Vegas bachelor party is going to take an unexpected turn. However, something tells me that this one isn't going to end like The Hangover. Despite Hostel 2's lackluster performance, Hostel 3 will begin shooting (and stabbing and gouging and slaying) next month.

Eli Roth, the director of the first two Hostel films, is set to produce - an interesting development considering how vocal he was in the past about not wanting to be involved with another Hostel film. At one point Roth even noted how many terrible third installments there are in popular franchises (guess he didn't read our feature on the best movie threequels). I wonder what changed his mind?

Not surprisingly, Hostel 3 will be released straight-to-video through Sony Stage 6 - a company that specializes in low-budget prequels and sequels in established properties (such as Starship Troopers 3 and Wild Things 4). Scott Spiegel (From Dusk Till Dawn 2) is directing.

I know the first Hostel has a large fan-base and, while it's not my cup of tea, I recognize the film's unique place in the horror genre.

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On the other hand, Hostel 2 left me scratching my head a little bit. Not only was it basically a retread of the first movie, it also toned down the gore and nudity considerably - which was probably one of the primary reasons the first film received so much buzz. No one walked out of Hostel talking about character arcs or subtext - they were talking about that chick getting her eyeball cut out.

Hostel's real strength was the shock factor - which makes the idea of a string of sequels somewhat pointless. Whether they pull back on the violence in Hostel 3 or dump buckets of blood in every direction, nothing's going to match the visceral sucker punch the first movie packed. The audience already knows pretty much what to expect.

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While changing the setting to Las Vegas isn't enough to justify Hostel 3 for me, it does present some interesting opportunities to comment on, and possibly satirize, addictions and our culture of excess. Of course it could also be a completely superficial decision accompanied by a paint by numbers plot.

Scott Spiegel did direct that 1989 slasher movie Intruder which had some inventive set pieces (and starred Sam Raimi), but he hasn't done anything recently that suggests we should expect too much from Hostel 3. I realize I'm not exactly the target audience here though, so what do fans of the series think?

How do you feel about Hostel 3 and its new Las Vegas setting? Are you ready for more or have you had your fill or torture-porn?

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