Writer/director Gavin Hood just recently commenced with production on his adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s beloved sci-fi novel, Ender’s Game, and we now have photographic proof that… well, at least the entrance to the set for the film’s zero-gravity Battle Room has been built.

By comparison, we already have a teaser trailer for Andrew Niccol’s adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s sci-fi book, The Host – which also began lensing just a while ago – and, today, we can add yet another still frame featuring starlet Saoirse Ronan to the small pile of released marketing material.

Ender’s Game

Producer Roberto Orci (Star Trek, Fringe) has posted the following statement and picture on the official Ender’s Game movie blog:

If you think regular school is tough, try it in a rotating space station. And by the way, do you have a hall pass for hall number 0058? Because if you don’t, you could end up scrubbing the showers. When you first arrive at Battle School [in ‘Ender’s Game’], all you perceive is its utility, its functionality… that is until you enter the BATTLE ROOM, where there is no up, no down, and ZERO G’s. Movie making can become overly reliant on digital worlds, and nothing can replace a well-built set that you can see and touch and stand in the middle of, fooling you into thinking you are really there. Enjoy this small taste of Ender’s big world. We’ll see a lot more in the weeks to come.


Yeah, this set pic isn’t much to go on. Still, it is encouraging to hear Orci confirm that Hood and Co. aren’t just relying on green screen effects to create the futuristic setting(s) of Ender’s Game. As has been nicely demonstrated by early footage from Ridley Scott’s upcoming film Prometheus alone, mixing constructed set pieces with complimentary CGI is really the way to go when it comes to transporting viewers to a sci-fi world (a convincing one, that is).

The Host

For those eager to see more of Saoirse Ronan with a glazed stare, playing the alien-possessed Melanie Stryder in The Host – beyond what the film’s (underwhelming?) teaser delivered – this new image (via Open Road Films) is for you:

saoirse ronan the host 280x170 New Enders Game Set Photo & The Host Image


To be fair, the eclipse-like pattern in the eyes of extraterrestrial-controlled people found in The Host is actually kind of cool. Not to mention, this project is being overseen by a talented filmmaker (Andrew Niccol) – who has produced some excellent sci-fi entertainment in the past – and features such generally-reliable thespians as William Hurt in supporting roles, alongside an engaging lead performer like Ronan (see: Hanna).

Not that any of that changes the fact that The Host is still based on a book by Meyer – one relatively less divisive than any of her Twilight novels, admittedly – but, still…

Ender’s Game is scheduled to hit theaters in the U.S. on March 15th, 2013.

The Host will arrive in U.S. theaters two weeks later on March 29th.

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