The Best Horror Movies On Netflix

Netflix may be a multi-genre platform, but its collection of horror movies makes up some of the genre's best selections. Ranging from original content and modern monsters to cult favorites and classics, the streaming service serves up some wicked picks for all things horror.

Like Hellraiser's puzzle box or The Shining's Overlook Hotel, Netflix offers users a wide-ranging doorway to horror - especially with the original movies that Netflix has been producing over the past few years. Their digital library has grown substantially, placing genre favorites like the Warrens and Jack Torrance shoulder-to-shoulder with lesser known creeps like the Moonlight Man and Black Phillip.

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Between movies like Get Out sweeping with Oscar nominations and movies like Halloween and A Quiet Place scoring the top spot at the box office, the horror genre has entered into an unofficial golden age. Luckily, Netflix has made sure to offer some of the best - and downright creepiest - movies in the genre. And, now that the days of wandering down the horror aisle at Blockbuster is a thing of the past, users have plenty to sift through down Netflix's digital aisle instead. Here's the all the best ones.



Not unlike the 1967 thriller Wait Until Dark, in which a blind woman, played by Audrey Hepburn, must fend off a group of intruders in her home, Hush centers around a deaf woman in a similar situation. Maddie (Kate Siegel) is attempting to live in peace deep in the woods, when a masked stranger shows up. What first begins with the stranger secretly stalking the woman quickly escalates into a life and death situation. Directed by Mike Flanagan, Hush was co-written by Flanagan and Siegel, who would later work together again on The Haunting of Hill House.


Religious themes go hand-in-hand with horror movies, and Apostle is a shining example of this. Similar to 1973's The Wicker ManApostle centers around a man named Thomas (Dan Stevens) who infiltrates a mysterious cult in order to find his sister. Once there, he discovers the cult's disturbing relationship with God, which revolves less around love and peace than it does misery and torture. Director Gareth Evans - best known for the Raid film series - combines jarring energy with faith-based horror that fuels two hours of unnerving tension with a fair share of body horror.

Gerald's Game

Joubert in Gerald's Game

Based on the novel of the same name by genre maestro Stephen King, Gerald's Game is an isolated thriller that cleverly uses a single location to its advantage. Mike Flanagan climbed the ladder at Netflix with this movie before tackling the series adaptation of Shirley Jackson's beloved haunted house novel The Haunting of Hill House, and he managed to score some serious scares. In the movie, struggling married couple Jessie and Gerald (Carla Cugino and Bruce Greenwood, respectively) try to rekindle their flame with a romantic getaway, only to face a desperate fight for survival. After Gerald dies of a heart attack moments after handcuffing his wife to the bed, Jessie must use her wits to free herself, stave off a rabid dog, and evade a mysterious creature she calls the Moonlight Man.

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The Ritual

Sam Troughton Rafe Spall Arsher Ali Robert James-Collier The Ritual

Buddy road trip movies typically belong to the comedy genre, but there are exceptions. John Landis' An American Werewolf in London walked a fine line between comedy and horror, but The Ritual sticks strictly to the latter. It centers around a group of friends who embark on a hike in Scandinavia to honor their recently deceased friend - only it doesn't go according to plan. Instead of finding solace, they encounter a local legend based in Norse Mythology that wants nothing more than to devour them one by one. The movie stars Rafe Spall, who recently starred in J.A. Bayona's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.


Another Stephen King adaptation released by Netflix is 1922based on one of the author's short stories from his collection Full Dark, No Stars. Set in Omaha, Nebraska, 1922 centers around a man named Wilf (Thomas Jane) who convinces his son to help murder his wife in order to keep her from moving away and selling their land. However, by the time he discovers that his heinous deed will have serious psychological consequences, Wilf is already being haunted by wife's ghost, an infestation of rats hell-bent on destroying his home, and a curse that refuses to leave him be.


Marc-André Grondin in Ravenous

The zombie subgenre has been done to death, but there have been some creative standouts in recent years. One such film is Ravenous, which revolves around the citizens of a small village who must band together to survive a flesh-eating virus. Like 28 Days Later and REC, it puts a unique spin on common zombie tropes, adding some surprising depth to the genre. In fact, even among all the body horror and despair, the most jarring aspect of Ravenous exists within its ambiguous ending, which resulted in some divisive responses from audiences.

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