Hidden Identity: Horror's Most Terrifying Masks (And Who's Behind Them)

Youre Next Horror Movie Masks

Some might say the 'home invasion horror movie' is a packed genre as it stands, but director Adam Wingard's You're Next is seeking to bring something new. Sure, it centers on a standard happy family gathering, but by concealing the killer's faces behind the visages of a Lamb, a Tiger, and a Fox, the movie has caught the eye of casual moviegoers (the film's eerie viral marketing shouldn't be overlooked, either).

It's become one of - if not the single most evident - truths of horror movies: when you hide your killer's face behind a mask, the fear, terror, and inhumanity skyrockets. And occasionally, the mask itself becomes legendary, and the stuff of nightmares for entire generations.

We don't know if that same fate awaits You're Next, but what better time than this to look back on some of our favorite horror movie masks, and the people who wore them. Spoilers lie ahead, but we all know that the best thrills come before the mask is removed.

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