Ghosts That Broke The Fourth Wall: 10 Scary Things That Actually Happened On Horror Movie Sets

From classics like The Omen to modern hits like Annabelle Comes Home, here are 10 real-life scary stories from famous horror movie sets.

While watching horror movies, we often have to reassure ourselves that what we are subjecting ourselves to is a work of fiction. We tell ourselves that the movie isn't real and all the horrors on-screen are a result of 'movie-magic'. This is not the case for those who work on the movie during production. There are countless tales from directors, actors, and crew members of strange goings-on during filming. Some people working on set even go as far as to have the movie set blessed due to fear of ghosts or curses.

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This article will list 10 spooky events that occurred during the filming of horror movies.

10 The Possession

During 2012's the Possession, a horror movie based on the true story of a cursed dybbuk box, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan reported several creepy stories on set. Morgan reported creepy happenings such as exploding lights, cold breezes rushing past him on deserted corridors, and even a fire in a storage facility. An investigation into the fire even spookily ruled out any electrical faults or arson as the cause of the fire, so what could have caused the blaze?

The investigators of the fire described the cause of the blaze as 'undetermined' which really begs the questions, was it related to the Dybbuk box in the movie?

9 The Exorcist

The Exorcist

The Exorcist is one of the scariest and most influential horror movies of all time. However, while it is a terrifying movie to watch, it was also a terrifying set to work on. Several creepy and tragic events during production led some to believe that there was a curse around the movie. Irish actor Jack Macgowran died shortly after completing his part on the film, as did a crew member and a security guard. If these events were not enough, the movie set also burned down without any explanation.

The strange occurrences led the director William Friedkin to request a priest perform a blessing on the set.

8 Poltergeist

The Poltergeist curse is one of the most famous movie curses. The first instance of this curse occurred days after the release of the movie, with one of the stars of the movie, Dominque Dunne, being brutally murdered by her ex-boyfriend.

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In addition, Heather O'Rourke, the actress who portrayed young Carol Anne, tragically died during surgery while Poltergeist 3 was in production. Both O'Rourke and Dunne are buried in the same California cemetery. Tragic deaths were not the only strange instances of the Poltergeist curse. During production on the second Poltergeist movie, the producer was convinced that the set was evil and drafted in a priest to conduct a blessing.

7 The Amityville Horror

Summer Horror Movies - Amityville Horror

The Amityville haunting was a cultural phenomenon in the 1970s. The ghostly events were investigated by the Warrens and the terrifying story even led to a book and movie deal. One particularly creepy event occurred before the first movie had even started filming. Josh Brolin, the lead actor in the 1979 movie, only accepted the part in the movie after his pants fell off a hanger while he was reading the script, causing him to jump to his feet in fright.

This is not all, during the filming of the 2005 remake, a dead body washed onto the shore next to the filming location. Additionally, Ryan Reynolds and other crew members reportedly woke up at 3:15 am, the time of the DeFeo murders.

6 The Conjuring

Another movie based on a true story. The Conjuring tells the story of the Perron family who moved into a haunted house in the 1970s and had their case investigated by the famous Ed and Lorrain Warren. During the filming of the Conjuring, the Perron family actually visited the set and upon their visit, some weird events occurred.

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During one particular visit from the Perron family, a wind began to swirl around the Perrons, with several members of the crew also claiming that the nearby trees remained unmoved by this wind. Additionally, director James Wang recalled a story in which his dog was barking at an unseen entity while Wan was working late in his office.

5 The Omen

The Omen had some of the weirdest events occur during filming. For those who are unaware, The Omen is about a little boy who also happens to be the antichrist. The evil boy is the cause of many tragedies in the movie, such as dog attacks and horrific 'accidents'. However, on set, similar accidents and events started to occur. Firstly, Gregory Peck's son committed suicide during the filming of the movie. While this may just appear to be a tragic coincidence, it wasn't the worst event to have occurred.

There were also several horrific vehicular accidents that occurred on set. A member of the crew was involved in a horrible car accident when driving to set and a scriptwriter's plane was struck by lightning while traveling to the set. While one plane being struck by lightning may not appear to be too scary, Gregory Peck's aircraft was also struck by lightning while traveling to the set on a different day. Finally, another plane that attempted to take off from set tragically crashed into a nearby road and killed all 11 crew members on board.

4 Annabelle Comes Home

Katie Sarife in Annabelle Comes Home

The set of 2019's Annabelle Comes Home was full of strange and spooky occurrences. Cast and crew reported that a piano bench in the replica Warren artifact room would move from place to place overnight. Furthermore, actors McKenna Grace and Madison Iseman reported hearing three knocks while filming a scene.

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This was not all that happened to Grace, however. The young actress also reported seeing a shadowy figure asleep in one of the rooms on set, as well as frequent power outages in her trailer.

3 The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

During the production of this movie in 2005, actress Jennifer Carpenter reported that her hotel room radio would mysteriously turn on and off of its own accord. What is even stranger about this incident is that it would always play the same song, Pearl Jam's Alive.

While this is already a spooky event, other members of the cast and crew also reported that their hotel room radios would switch on randomly and play Pearl Jam's Alive. Consequently, and understandably, some cast and crew had their radios removed.

2 Annabelle

While this article has already explored the spooky events on the set of the third Annabelle movie, the original in the series was also plagued by strange occurrences.

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Members of the crew reportedly saw creepy marks and fingerprints on doors and windows in areas that hadn't been visited or cleaned for some time. Further, some crew even reported seeing three claw marks on windows, the same number of claws as the demon in the movie.

1 Insidious

Maybe there is a curse around James Wan films in general, judging by their appearances on this list. On the set of Wan's Insidious movie, the cast and crew reported feeling sick and uneasy while filming certain scenes on the hospital set.

In addition to feeling ill on set, the crew would also hear noises and buzzes from areas of the empty and unoccupied areas of the set. Perhaps it is because of these strange occurrences around his movies that James Wan insists on having his film sets blessed.

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