15Evil Dead (2013)

Evil Dead remake 2013 horror zombies

While the film’s marketing campaign might not have been entirely accurate (it professed that the movie was “the most terrifying film you will ever experience”), 2013’s Evil Dead was a triumph for horror fans, and even more so for gore hounds.

Although series staple Ash Williams is noticeably absent throughout

the film (although he resurfaced for the TV show), 2013’s Evil Dead works in returning the franchise to straight horror, dropping the more comedic elements of Evil Dead II (which is a quasi-remake of the original film itself) and Army of Darkness.

Even though it takes a long time for anyone to pick up a chainsaw (an electric carving knife does provide a decent substitute), the blood and gore flows freely throughout the entire film. For those who don’t get squeamish very easily, 2013’s Evil Dead will undoubtedly leave them satisfied.

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