14Dawn of the Dead (2004)

In 2004, Zack Snyder took the DNA of Geroge Romero’s classic 1978 sequel to Night of the Living Dead and made a remake that had audiences sitting on the edge of their seats.

Snyder chose to ditch the subtext of the original film in favor of frenetic action.

Romero’s original film used the zombie outbreak as a slow burning social commentary on the state of consumerism, something that is totally ignored in Snyder’s version, despite both films taking place in a shopping mall.

In addition to jettisoning the underlying commentary, Snyder’s film features zombies who are quick and agile, as opposed to the slow lumbering varieties that were far more common.

Many people erroneously believe that Dawn of the Dead was the first film to feature fast zombies (provided you don’t count 28 Days Later), but this isn’t the case. The concept of fast zombies was originally dreamt up in 1985 with Return of the Living Dead. Although we’re fairly sure that this was the first time we have seen a zombie in utero.

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