10 Horror Movie Logic Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

Horror movies. No one is a stranger to them. The thing about horror movies is that they're meant to terrify us. They're meant to disgust us with gore, make us question our sanity (especially in the cases of psychological thrillers) and keep us in suspense as we clutch the blankets close screaming at the protagonist to run the other direction. The other thing that horror movies are famous for? Driving us crazy with people going straight to the basement, getting head-shot accuracy despite having never used a firearm and other painful things that tend to happen. Here are 10 horror movie logic memes that are too hilarious for words.

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10 Horror Movie Logic

Isn't this the truth? You don't feel sorry for the girl that's stabbed to death, or the guy that gets hit by a car. They were awful people; they were unprepared and made all the wrong decisions--you have your reasons for disliking those characters. However, the moment an innocent animal, like a dog or a cat, are caught in the crossfire as innocent bystanders then you take their losses to a whole other level. It's personal now. So yeah, you're cursing out the director and hoping he does step on a Lego.

9 Our House Is Haunted... Let The Kid Sleep Alone

Children really get the short end of the stick sometimes when it comes to horror movies. They're possessed, they're scared to death by the thing in their closet, etc. Have you noticed that their families seem to do nothing about it until it's too late? Maybe they don't believe their child, or they think the child's just had a nightmare; still, they should be paying a little more attention. At least before the child's scarred for life... or worse.

8 I Won't Follow That Sound...

We've all seen it happen. Someone hears a sound, goes in the dark without a flashlight or weapons, and sometimes they're alone. You're screaming at them to grab the knife as they go through the kitchen or to at least turn around and run like the wind. Next thing we know, they're dead or at least being chased. Moral of these memes? Stay away from creepy doors.

7 People In Horror Movies Be Like...

What should be common sense never quite transpires in horror films. You would think that people wouldn't turn on a light in a dark room to alert the killer as to where they are, that they wouldn't go somewhere without a weapon, and that they definitely wouldn't face a killer unprepared or else go somewhere isolated.

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Characters lacking common sense is definitely a recurring theme in horror movies, and this inevitably leads them to their premature deaths.

6 The Killer Is In The Basement? Better Go There

Instead of avoiding killers, the people in horror movies always seem to go running to them with open arms. Meanwhile, we face-palm at their broken logic and practically celebrate when they're finally killed. After all, up until that point, it seems they're asking to die painful, awful deaths at the hands of whatever psycho they're facing. Some people just have to learn the hard way.

5 Cute Girl Attacked In Kitchen... Runs Past Front Door, Goes Upstairs

Again, something that makes us want to hit our heads against the wall. You know in real life people would be most likely to run out the front door and find help - it's certainly the better and safer option than facing a killer alone!

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But in the movies it's all about misjudgment and having so much fear that you make the worst decisions that lead to your demise, like going upstairs instead of out the front door. Even worse is when they fail to take advantage of grabbing weapons in the kitchen...ugh.

4 Dad, She's Escaping...

Offhand we can name plenty of movies and their accompanying scenes where this has happened. We've screamed ourselves hoarse telling them to get up before it's too late as the killer, going either as slow or as fast as possible, catches up. Whoever's fallen struggles to get up, wasting precious time. If they really wanted to live, they'd ignore the pain and run it off as they ran for their lives. They must not want to survive too badly.

3 Someone Calls 911 Then The Line Goes Dead?

Okay, why does law enforcement in the horror movies come across as inept? To be fair, if law enforcement killed off or jailed the killer right away, we'd have no movie.

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Yet, it's too unrealistic that they wouldn't at least send someone to investigate the address of where the call originated just to make sure everything was all right, and in several cases, we pray for that to happen to save our heroes. Yet too often help doesn't arrive, or it doesn't arrive in time, leaving the survivors to take care of business themselves.

2 100% Headshot Accuracy

This too is totally unrealistic, or else the person is a very, very lucky shot. Yes, there are unlikely heroes in horror films, but this element may just be a touch much, especially if they've been unable to handle firearms up to that point. It's actually laughable considering the circumstances. Hey, if it gets the job done and the remaining survivors are finally saved, then we'll just go with it.

1 Wakes Up After Serious Accident...

No way would this actually happen, but considering they're still in mortal danger, we'll let it slide. It looks cool that you can be tough enough to walk off a serious accident and rip out needles no problem. In real life, you'd be pretty sore and groggy. Depending on how injured you were, difficulty would vary on getting out of bed and moving again. Perhaps if you're running on fear and adrenaline, it gives your body a new source of strength to keep fighting - which is perfect for a horror movie situation.

Yeah, horror movies take things to the extreme, regardless of whether or not they're believable. That's probably why we enjoy them so much, even if they do (or don't) scare the life out of us.

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