21The Colony

Bill Paxton in Colony

This Canadian spec horror film from 2013 makes a few predictions about climate change. The first is that humans are capable of building machines to control it. The second is that those machines are bound to break down eventually. When they do, the results will be disastrous.

Remember kids, these are horror movies. Humanity’s many blunders lead to a world covered in snow and ice, a massive food shortage, and the constant threat of disease. As expected under such circumstances, people start acting like jerks to each other. For some, this means leaving sick people in the cold to die. For others, it’s joining the cannibals.

Is it possible? We already know that global climate change is happening and that it’s already hurting people. We also know that humans will resort to eating each other, if times get bad enough. We’ve seen that when humans try to manipulate natural forces like weather or an ecosystem, we tend to screw it up royally. And finally, even in an uncertain future, we all expect that Bill Paxton will eventually die.

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