Which Horror Movie Final Girl Are You, Based On Your MBTI

For ages, horror movies have followed many well-known trends and included many stereotypical aspects, garnering quite a reputation. Not all horror movies are the same, but just about all of them do follow a familiar formula, despite the fact that some will put a unique and different spin on it.

Final girls are a well-known cliche in horror movies. This label is one mostly associated with slasher films, more than any other kind. But that doesn't mean that the hackneyed idea isn't a trope that exists in a wide variety of different kinds of horror movies. And of course, just because it's so overdone, doesn't mean that it can't be done right.

This trope is so well-known that it even inspired an infamous 2015 film, literally titled Final Girl. Horror movies and their many cliches are very beloved, no matter how silly they sometimes are. So let's take a look at some of the most iconic horror movie final girls, their MBTI alignments, and which final girl you would be based on your MBTI.

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of the most well-known horror movies to date and has worked to define the slasher genre along with other classics such as Black Christmas (1974) and Halloween (1978). Like so many slashers, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, of course, featured a final girl.

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Sally Hardesty is widely regarded as one of the "weakest" final girls in horror lore. This is because of the fact that Sally never technically fought back against Leatherface - her escape and final girl status was really only established due to fate. But putting that aside, Sally was utterly brutalized in the whole ordeal, so she is definitely one tough final girl, and could definitely be called an Advocate. Her quiet but underlying fierce disposition fits perfectly into the INFJ personality alignment.


The 10 Creepiest Cults In Movies

Cabin In The Woods is probably the most self-aware horror movie ever made since it is literally a horror movie about horror movie tropes and cliches. To fit into this theme, Dana Polk is a final girl, and what sets her apart from others of her kind, is that she knows it.

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Dana was fierce and strong, but her quieter and more introverted side proves that she is a true INFP. This personality alignment is known as the Mediator, and this description definitely fits the heart of Dana's character.


Sidney Prescott in Scream

Sidney Prescott is known for being one of the fiercest final girls in history, as she was constantly having to fight against the many different people who put on a Ghostface mask and terrorized her. Sidney was the killer's main target throughout the entire Scream film series, which pretty much makes her the ultimate final girl.

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The ESTP personality alignment is known as the Entrepreneur, and this description could not be more perfect for Sidney. ESTPs are bold and energetic, and if Sidney did not have those skills, she probably wouldn't have survived all her ordeals.


Nancy Thompson in A Nightmare On Elm Street

Nancy is often remembered as being one of the sweetest, intelligent final girls. She was one of the first, having appeared in the very first Nightmare On Elm Street film in 1984. Nancy was one of the most memorable aspects of the first movie, and probably the most iconic character of the entire film series.

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Nancy's kind but skeptical and brainy personality makes her the perfect INTJ. People who fit this alignment are called the Architect and are known for being natural problem solvers. Considering the fact that Nancy defeats Freddy in the first movie and goes on to teach a whole new generation of kids how to survive this nightmare, she definitely fits that description.


Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode in Halloween 2018

Laurie Strode was arguably the most iconic character of the entire Halloween franchise, and was a truly fierce survivor. She fought Michael Myers countless times, and in the storyline created by the 2018 remake of Halloween, Laurie, along with her daughter and granddaughter, ended up defeating the killer.

Considering Laurie's daring nature, she fits in well with the ISFP personality alignment. ISFPs are called the Adventurer, and their main traits include gentleness, kindness, and a strong spirit. To survive Michael Myers wrath for so long, Laurie Strode had to fit that description.


Black Christmas

Black Christmas came before many of the other slashers that would follow. Before Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Friday The 13th, we had Black Christmas. It was one of the first slasher films and is still regarded as being one of the best.

Like any good slasher, Black Christmas, of course, had its final girl; Jess Bradford. Jess wasn't your typical final girl, and her outspoken personality was utilized to give her a very ahead-of-its-time arc. ISTPs are known as the Virtuoso, and they typically have pragmatic and curious personalities. This certainly sounds like Jess, whose brave nature led to her being the only survivor of the Black Christmas massacre.


Hellraiser 1987

Kirsty was not only the final girl of the first Hellraiser film, but she also appeared in quite a few other installments of the film series. She is a part of Hellraiser history and a very strong final girl.

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Kirsty was an investigative, forceful survivor. She uses her ESTJ traits - being a natural leader - to defeat the killer many times.


The 10 Creepiest Cults In Movies

The original Suspiria, which hit theatres in 1977, is known for being a disturbing, completely unsettling film. Despite not being a slasher, this film created one of the most powerful and fierce final girls in history: Suzy Bannion. In one film, Suzy accomplishes a whole lot.

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Being an open-minded analyst, Suzy fits into the INTP personality description. INTPs are known as the Logician, and Suzy utilizes these strengths to defeat Mater Suspirorium and brings down the entire ballet academy.


Adrienne King As Alice Hardy in Friday the 13th

Alice appears in the very first Friday The 13th before Jason ultimately kills her a few films later. Alice is remembered as one of the most famous, iconic characters of the Friday The 13th franchise, as she was the original final girl of the series.

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ENFPs are known as the Campaigner, which Alice definitely was. She used her observant personality and altruistic spirit to her advantage and made history.


Noted for being the very first final girl, appearing in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho in 1960. This makes her a piece of history, and although she wasn't featured heavily in Psycho, she was iconic nonetheless.

After the death of her sister, Marion Crane, it was up to Lila to figure everything out and ultimately defeat Norman Bates. Lila utilizes her investigative and fearless personality - which makes her a perfect ISTJ - to be the hero of the film.

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