10 Horror Movie Crossovers Like Freddy Vs Jason We'd Love To See

Everyone loves a good crossover, and for some reason, the horror genre seems like an ideal setting for famous characters to run into one another. Back in 2003, fans got to see horror movie villains Freddy Kreuger and Jason Vorhees go head-to-head in Freddy vs Jason. While that film wasn't a huge hit, it was entertaining to see these icons sharing the screen.

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Ever since then, fans have been imagining other potential crossovers in the horror movie world they would love to see. The trick is to pick the movies, and more importantly, horror figures who would play off well together and provide some fun frights. Here are some of the horror movie crossovers like Freddy vs Jason we'd love to see.

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10 Critters/Gremlins

Critters and Gremlins share the same effective technique of seeming so small and furry that they couldn't possibly to dangerous. However, their respective movies have proven these creatures can do a lot of damage when they want to.

Aside from being extremely deadly, the Gremlins and Critters seem to take joy in the mayhem they create. They are little troublemakers who terrorize towns and devour people at will. Seeing armies of these creatures face-off could be a lot of fun.

9 Halloween/Scream

The slasher genre has been a big part of the horror genre for decades and two of the most recognizable faces in slasher films are Michael Myers and Ghostface. Given their legacies in the genre, it would be fitting to see them meet on the big screen.

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Michael Myers was introduced in Halloween, which is a film that helped popularize the slasher genre. Ghostface was introduced in Scream which helped reinvent the slasher genre. Add to the fact that Michael is known for hunting and killing teens and Ghostface is usually revealed to be a couple of teens, it seems like the perfect match.

8 The Ring/It Follows

While the "monsters" in The Ring and It Follows are not as physically intimidating as some others on this list, they are nonetheless terrifying. Both are unrelenting forces that, once they target a victim, nothing will stop them in their pursuit.

In The Ring, the horror is personified in the form of Samara, a ghostly figure that will kill anyone who watches a cursed videotape. In It Follows, "the Entity" is transferred through sex and slowly stalks its victims while disguised as normal people. These two haunting beings would make an interesting pair.

7 Hellraiser/Candyman

Though many horror movie icons tend to develop into jokesters or parodies over time, the killers at the center of Hellraiser and Candyman have remained pretty true to their creepy beginnings. Both are more serious and unsettling villains who are summoned through secret rituals and then seek out their doomed victims.

Though Candyman is only equipped with a hook, Hellraiser's Pinhead has a great deal of weaponry to torture his victims with. Yet the supernatural nature of the two characters seems to make them an even match.

6 Jeepers Creepers/The Babadook

The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers and Mister Babadook from The Babadook are some of the more effective modern horror movie villains. Though the tone of these movies is quite different, these monsters do share some interesting similarities that make them so scary.

Both monsters seem to thrive off the fear of their victims. The more scared a person is, the more the Creeper is interested in them. Mister Babadook, on the other hand, is brought to life as soon as someone learns of him, and the more they deny his existence, the stronger he becomes.

5 The Shining/Misery

Stephen King has a lot of memorable horror movie characters who could make for a fun crossover, but the killer characters in The Shining and Misery seem like ideal people to share the screen.

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Jack Torrance from The Shining is a struggling writer who goes mad and tries to murder his family with an ax. Annie Wilkes is an unhinged woman who kidnaps her favorite writer and cripples him with a sledgehammer. These two psychos would be a more grounded pairing that would work very well together.

4 Child's Play/Leprechaun

Size doesn't seem to matter for horror movie villains. The pint-sized killers of Child's Play and Leprechaun make up for their lack of intimidating stature by being bloodthirsty and ruthless monsters.

Chucky is a doll possessed by the spirit of a dead killer while the Leprechaun is an ancient creature who hunts anyone who steals his gold. Not only would these two make sense as a physical matching but their playful and sadistic attitudes are very similar. They are two of the goofiest yet still deadly horror villains around.

3 A Nightmare On Elm Street/It

A Nightmare on Elm Street's famous fedora-wearing sadist, Freddy Kruger, already got one crossover with Freddy vs Jason, but he is such a fun character, there is plenty more movie monster we want to see him with. The most intriguing choice is Pennywise from the It films.

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Both these monsters prey on innocent children in truly terrifying ways. Also, Freddy and Pennywise are tricksters of sorts who seem to enjoy tormenting and playing with their victims. Their antics together would be entertaining and terrifying.

2 The Omen/The Exorcist

There is something very unsettling about kids being at the center of horror films. They might seem harmless and innocent but when it comes to the creepy children in The Omen and The Exorcist, you definitely wouldn't want to be their babysitter.

Damien from The Omen is a quiet and emotionless child who may very well be the son of the devil. Regan from The Exorcist is a young girl who is possessed by an evil demon and tries to use Regan as its vessel for evil. Seeing these demonic kids wreak havoc together could be a lot of fun.

1 Texas Chainsaw Massacre/Hatchet

One of the oldest and most disturbing horror movie killers is Leatherface, the mute and deranged killer of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series. He is a disfigured man with a warped mind who brutally kills his victims in a gruesome manner.

A modern equivalent is Victor Crawley from the Hatchet films. Victor is also a massive and grotesque killer living in isolation and he even seems to like using various tools for his horrific and bloody kills. Putting these two together would make for one gory and messy movie.

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