Ranking The 10 Best Horror Movie Funko Pops

Thank us later, but right here and right now, we are going to combine two amazingly awesome things: Funko Pop action figures and horror movies! Yes, these popular figurines serve as toys and collector’s items, as they feature notable characters and can be put on display. And today, we are ranking the 10 best that feature notable characters from well-known scary flicks that exist out there in the world!

Which villains will make this list? Whose fave will earn the number-one spot? Will we be able to refrain from buying all of them? And how much will we be judged if we have already ordered one of each…?

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10 Funko Pop Movies: the Shining-Jack Torrance Collectible Figure

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One of the most iconic films is The Shining, based on the book by Stephen King. It stars Jack Nicholson Jack Torrance, a writer who moves his family to The Overlook Hotel, which is filled with that red retro carpet, those creepy animal-shaped hedges, the twin girls in blue dresses and room 237.

People who are fans of this genre, of King or of director Stanley Kubrick just have to own this collectible figure. It even has Jack holding his ax, making it look like he is about to chop down the door and say that famous line: “Here’s Johnny!”

9 Funko Pop Movie The Exorcist Action Figure

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Another well-known movie from this genre is The Exorcist. While there are so many works out there that focus on possessed people, this is probably the most celebrated one. That being said, this Funko Pop depicts Regan MacNeil, the girl who gets possessed in this classic, and it shows off her blue pajamas, blank eyes, scratches on her face and, yes, even green vomit on her. Sorry, though…

We don’t think her head spins around here, so just use that imagination! This is definitely something to add to the collection as it highlights a fan favorite.

8 Funko Pop Movies: Hannibal Vinyl Figure

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Dr. Hannibal Lecter is a forensic psychiatrist, as well as a serial killer, seen in The Silence of the Lambs, Red Dragon and Hannibal (the film and the television series). Anthony Hopkins’ version of this character was called the greatest villain in American cinema by the American Film Institute and one of the 100 Greatest Characters of the Last 20 Years by Entertainment Weekly.

And seriously, just think about his quotes, his presence, his role on both sides of the story and his mask, which is seen here on this straight-jacketed Funko Pop figure. Yes, this is a must-own product!

7 Funko 2296 Pop Movies: Halloween - Michael Myers Action Figure

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Who has ever seen something that looked so scary yet so adorable? This next action figure, Michael Myers from Halloween, is wearing that classic mask, so we know he is not actually cute, because we know what he is capable of doing - We have seen it played out in so many different flicks!

Due to his popularity and due to the fact that this item is made for those who are ages three and up, this is a great gift option to consider for the people in life who can’t get enough of frightening flicks and Halloween in general.

6 Funko Pop Movies: Chucky Vinyl Figure

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Chucky is yet another famous star from another film in this genre, Child’s Play. And, yes, there have been several sequels and reboots and such, but the original is the best, as usual, and this Funko Pop figure shows off Chucky in his most recognizable form: he is wearing those little overalls.

He is wearing a striped shirt underneath. He has his red sneakers on, which compliment his ginger hair. Oh, and he is holding a knife and looks like he has already been in a scuffle or two. This would look super cool on a desk or a shelf!

5 Funko Pop! Horror: IT - Pennywise with Severed Arm

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This is the second Stephen King character on this list - Pennywise the Clown from It. A lot of people are already scared of clowns, but this guy takes it to a whole new level; this being can take the form of whatever kids are most afraid of, and he lures them in with bright, shiny balloons.

How rude! This one looks like the updated Pennywise (and even has a severed arm, as well), from the new film, meaning he can help get fans ready for the second part, which comes out later this year (and we cannot wait to see it!).

4 Funko Pop Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees

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As we move down this list, we come to Jason Voorhees, one of the more popular horror villains. He is from the Friday the 13th films, and he is known for wearing his hockey mask.

Children who are cool enough to like these films can play with this action figure - like by putting Jason up against Army men, perhaps, or by having him mingle with Barbie dolls! - and older fans can display this figure in a glass box, on a TV stand or anywhere else, to tell the world how much this franchise is watched and loved and adored.

3 Funko Pop Hellraiser III: Pinhead

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The Hellraiser flicks have sort of a cult following, as they can get a little trippy. The best part of them all, though, is Pinhead, this interesting-looking fella’ right here. Some people are huge fans of him and will just have to have this object.

Others may prefer other flicks and different characters more. Either way, we suggest adding this figurine to the collection; Pinhead is iconic, with his, well, pins in his head, and this Funko Pop has them all sticking out here! He will look super neat sitting next to other memorabilia from other creepy works of art.

2 Funko Pop Movies Scream Ghostface Vinyl Figure

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Next up on this list is Ghostface from the Scream films. Surely everyone who is here knows this story: Sidney Prescott started getting chased and tormented by someone in this mask, as did those around her.

Many lives were lost, and many people received menacing phone calls, too. This franchise even did a movie within a movie, meaning lots of people wore this mask - not just the bad guy(s)/gal(s) - on and off the screen. This is certainly one of the coolest Funko Pop figures of all time… but the top spot on this list of horror characters goes to...

1 Funko Freddy Krueger Pop Movie

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It is Freddy Krueger! As we all know, there are so many fab films in this genre and so many memorable characters, too. And while Jack Torrance has famous lines, Regan has famous actions and villains like Jason and Mike have famous masks… There is not one quite like this dude.

The sweater, the hat, the razor-like hands and the fact that he can enter into dreams all go into making Freddy the top choice here. So buy this action figure for a friend, consider giving it on an upcoming holiday, and/or buy one to keep, which we understand.

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