5 Horror Franchises We Hope Get A New Sequel (& 5 We Don't)

From Child's Play to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, here are some classic horror franchises in need of a sequel (and some that definitely aren't).

As seen with the new Halloween movies and producer Jordan Peele’s upcoming Candyman reboot, old-school horror movies getting long-delayed sequels is one of the genre’s biggest trends today. In doing so, horror series from yesteryear (or from just a few years ago) are given a second chance at life, to either give their overarching stories the ending they deserve or redeem themselves of shameful sequels that came before.

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Seeing the likes of Michael Myers return to his murderous roots in Haddonfield brought a tear to many a horror fan’s eye, leaving them wondering who could be up next for a new sequel in the coming 2020s. Without further ado, here are 5 horror franchises that need a new sequel, plus 5 more that should be left in the past for different reasons.

10 Needs a Sequel: The Real Leprechaun

Davis’ goofiness and enthusiasm made the Leprechaun series a cult favorite despite Lep having two questionable sequels already, and the newest entry lacks this charm. Now that long-delayed horror sequels are the trend, there’s no better time for Davis to properly conclude Lep’s saga.

9 Doesn’t Need a Sequel: Paranormal Activity

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With few exceptions, these low-budget movies have been exposed as lazy cash grabs that are indistinguishable from one another. There are rumors of a seventh Paranormal Activity, but maybe it’s better for this fad to fade away, beginning with the one that started it all.

8 Needs a Sequel: The Original Child’s Play

The reboot has its strengths and merits, but its mere existence runs the risk of rudely overshadowing a beloved long-running story that has yet to end. The events of Cult of Chucky ended on an inspired cliffhanger where Charles Lee Ray is free once more, and his killing spree deserves a proper conclusion before a new generation takes over.

7 Doesn’t Need a Sequel: Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers 3 was so poorly made and received that it killed any interest in the sequel it was building up to. The third movie was mostly filler with watered-down kills, lacking its predecessors’ dread. It's one of those franchises that seemed to lose its momentum, and that's a very difficult thing to recover from.

6 Needs a Sequel: Hellraiser

To say the sequels missed the point of Barker’s vision is an understatement, as they degraded his uniquely Gothic vision into typical slasher gore. A return to form is reportedly in the works, thankfully with Barker back in the fold.

5 Doesn’t Need a Sequel: The Amityville Horror(s)

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These movies are always about a hapless family moving into the legendarily spooky house, only for them to get spooked on and killed later. Unless a team of visionary filmmakers takes control, Amityville movies are probably better left dormant in their grave of cinematic obscurity.

4 Needs a Sequel: The Evil Dead

Meanwhile, the original The Evil Dead trilogy continued in Ash vs. Evil Dead, which was canceled after three seasons. Ash Williams’ story closed with an open enough ending, but it still feels a bit lacking. Whether it’s through a crossover with the new generation or a definitive final chapter, Ash deserves a proper last hurrah.

3 Doesn’t Need a Sequel: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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If anything, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre needs more sequels because it’s known for making some of the strangest follow-ups in horror history. Given the film-makers’ obsession with exploring Leatherface’s childhood, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll get something as amazingly weird as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 again.

2 Needs a Sequel: Friday the 13th

A sequel (or another reboot) has been in the works since 2009, but the series’ legal battles bogged everything to a screeching halt. The modern horror genre is in dire need of some good old fashioned slasher fun, which is something Jason can provide.

1 Doesn’t Need a Sequel: A Nightmare on Elm Street

There are rumors of another remake, but thankfully, New Line Cinema is occupied with The Conjuring movies. Also, as iconic as he is, Freddy – a shape-shifting killer who preys on fearful children – has been somewhat usurped by the new Pennywise in the IT movies, making his return all the more unlikely.

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