Horror Plus Crime: Se7en

The genius of this movie is showcased by the many things detailed above, but the most extraordinary (and unseen, giant bonus) is the horror of "the box" and its contents provided at the end of this movie. Is it because there's the decapitated head of an innocent young woman in it?

Is it because - good god - it's a decapitated head (that we never see)? Not at all.

It's because the discovery and subsequent conversation and dialogue after the box is introduced becomes a series of tumblers that tragically fall into place and unlock the conclusion of the film and the convey the whip cream and blood-red cherry on top of the serial killer's plan.

With the exception of another Kevin Spacey ultra-twist ending-based feature, The Usual Suspects, it's one of the best and most tragic finishes ever.

And so now, it's time to know what YOU, the Screen Rant readers think of 1995's Se7en. What did YOU think of it when you originally saw it? Did the end or any provided part of the movie make you stop and think?

Tell us your thoughts and be sure to look for another final installment of the “Horror Plus” feature before Halloween, October 31st!

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