10 Horror Comedy Movies to Watch If You Like Zombieland

Just when you thought zombies were played out in the 2000s, the decade ended with what would become one of the most beloved comedies in recent years. Ruben Fleischer's Zombieland – by and large – effaced all fatigue towards the living dead. It's true that zombies have been a viable movie villain for several decades. Yet one would be remiss to not mention their renaissance in the last twenty years.

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Audiences love Zombieland because of its obvious affection for zombie horror, its colorful characters, and most of all, its expert blend of sentimentalism and gallows humor. And with the sequel Zombieland: Double Tap coming out soon, let's check out ten other horror-comedies you can watch if you like the Zombieland franchise.

10 Cooties (2014)

Alison Pill, Elijah Wood and Leigh Whannel in Cooties

A band of elementary school teachers earns their pay when they are forced to battle their students, all of whom have become rabid thanks to some contaminated chicken nuggets.

Elijah Wood, Allison Pill, and Rainn Wilson shine their brightest in a zom-com that banks on your apathy towards ravenous little monsters. Cooties is a risible flick that never takes itself too seriously. This one might seem a bit late to the game as far as the basic plot is concerned, but Cooties handles itself better than one would expect.

9 The Final Girls (2015)

Max is having a tough time after losing her mother, a woman whose claim to fame was a cult horror movie she did twenty years ago. When Max agrees to go to a retrospective showing of said movie, she and her friends are absorbed into the film itself. Meaning, they are now part of the slasher flick. And the only way to escape is to let the movie play out.

One would not think a PG-13-rated slasher comedy would land well with the more serious horror fans, but, lo and behold, The Final Girls has become cherished since its release. It's a funny film. What was more surprising was how poignant this parody of slashers is.

8 Bloodsucking Bastards (2015)

Like many people, Evan is a loyal employee at a company that sucks his soul dry. Now, the company is going to do more than suck the life out of him. Firstly, Evan's world is turned upside down when his coworker and girlfriend dumps him. Then, he's passed over for a coveted promotion. Now, Evan stumbles upon a dastardly plan in place at his job that may or may not involve vampires.

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Bloodsucking Bastards is what happens when you add vampire to a workplace comedy. And the result is a darn good time.

7 Slither (2006)

In the small town of Wheelsy, nothing interesting ever seems to happen. Well, that changes when aliens appear out of a crashed meteor. At first, they mutilate the local livestock. These extraterrestrials don't stop there, though. They set their sights on bigger prey — us. It's now up to the bumbling local sheriff to stop this alien invasion before the human race goes extinct.

This alien comedy written and directed by James Gunn didn't fare too well at the box office, but it has some great visuals and humor. While it bears a similarity to the 1986 movie Night of the Creeps, Slither is a medley of many other horror films.

6 Severance (2006)


A British sales group goes on a retreat in Europe for a team-building exercise. After their bus cannot get through to the destination, they are forced to hike through the woods. This is when they are picked off, one by one, by unseen hunters.

Fans of wry British humor will eat up Severance, a hilarious, well-made parody of survivalist-horror films like Wrong Turn. Although it is funny, the movie still has a palpable level of threat in the characters' unfortunate situation. Just because you're laughing doesn't mean the story lacks menace.

5 Feast (2005)

At a remote tavern, a stranger barges in to warn the patrons of impending doom. That doom being a clan of flesh-eating, horrific monsters. Now, the customers are under attack by these unfathomable creatures. And their only means to escape is to trust one another.

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There are a lot of things about Feast that are downright inappropriate. It's a crass movie that is never too opposed to low-brow humor. That being said, it has a high number of sight gags, a commendable cast, and some impressive practical monster effects. Fans will also be happy to learn there are two sequels.

4 Happy Death Day (2017)

Tree and Babyface killer in Happy Death Day 2U

A drunken college student nicknamed Tree wakes up in a random guy's dorm room with no recollection of what happened the night before. As her day unfolds, Tree inches closer to death. Once that happens, she wakes up in the same guy's dorm again. And again and again. Tree is now caught in a time loop with no visible means of escape.

Happy Death Day is an honest to goodness gem regardless of its PG-13 rating. It has comedy, horror, drama, and a bit of sci-fi all rolled into one glorious package. Be sure to check out the sequel Happy Death Day 2U if you want to know the origin of the dreaded time loop.

3 Fido (2006)


When a mysterious dust cloud revives the dead as zombies, a company is urged to quell the looming threat. This leads to zombies being domesticated and turned into menial servants. One family's "pet" is named Fido, and soon becomes an integral member. So much so that the wife and son question everything they thought they knew to be true about their way of life.

Fido is a fetching, low-key Canadian zombie comedy whose themes are not far removed from those in Pleasantville. Meaning, both films challenge the status quo and how life has simply gotten away from us.

2 Club Dread (2004)

One-hit wonder musician Coconut Pete now runs a tropical island resort rich in hedonistic values. It's an ideal place to both visit and work at. That is, until an unseen party starts to murder members of the quirky staff.

Comedy troupe Broken Lizard crafted a horror-comedy that feels very much like a product of its time. Club Dread didn't make waves at the box office or with critics, but, in hindsight, it's a jocular slasher. If you love off-color humor and slapstick, this is one vacation you should book soon.

1 Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010)

A pair of good-natured hillbillies named Tucker and Dale crosses paths with some college students looking to party out in the woods. However, a series of unforeseen, accidental deaths convinces the preppy kids that Tucker and Dale are behind everything. Little do they know, Tucker and Dale are actually trying to save them from themselves.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is one of most uproarious horror-comedies to date. It points out the tropes of the genre without ever being irreverent. The jokes are expertly crafted and executed, and the leads are terrific. If you have your doubts about humor being mixed into your horror, then Tucker & Dale will soothe your nerves.

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