'Horrible Bosses' Trailer #2 & Clip: Funny Guys & Bad Deeds

Horrible Bosses second trailer

A dark comedy can be a tricky act to pull off, especially one that requires you to empathize with a trio of guys attempting to commit homicide. That scenario is the basis for this summer's Horrible Bosses, which boasts a nice collection of comedic types that includes Jason Sudeikis (SNL), Charlie Day (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia), and Jason Bateman (Arrested Development).

While the second trailer and first clip released from Horrible Bosses suggest the film will have its share of (wicked) big laughs, they also indicate that'll it be hard not to enjoy just hanging out with the three main characters - and cnsidering that they're planning to commit murder, that's saying something.

The setup for Horrible Bosses is as follows: Kurt (Sudeikis), Dale (Day), and Nick (Bateman) are stuck having to deal with their respective terrible bosses (Colin Farrell, Jennifer Aniston, and Kevin Spacey), whose faults include lying, deception, sexual harassment, and blatant prejudice - among other things. So the trio of best buds figure out an "easy" solution: kill their bosses, with the help of a fellow (Jamie Foxx) whose NSFW name cannot be repeated here.

As illustrated in the first Horrible Bosses trailer, Farrell, Aniston, and Spacey all seem to be having a blast playing the world's worst bosses - forcing their employees to get drunk at work, drugging them and taking suggestive photos for purposes of blackmail, and being an insufferable jerk who'll fire a person just for being in a wheelchair. There's not a whole lot of new material in this second theatrical preview, but it's just as darkly funny as the first one.

Check out the new Horrible Bosses trailer (via below:

Horrible Bosses was directed by Seth Gordon, who has excelled as a filmmaker in the area of documentaries (The King of Kong, Freakonomics) and television comedy (The Office, Community) - but not so much when it comes to feature-length fictional comedies (Four Christmases). However, here he has both a great cast who appear ready to jump head-first into their either evil or hapless roles AND what appears to be a much more witty and funny screenplay to work with. So that'll hopefully mean the final product is all the better for it.

One thing that should also help is that Kurt, Dale, and Nick so far seem like rather likable guys that you can root for - and not just in comparison to their terrible superiors. As mentioned before, Gordon has solid experience in the area of directing awkward and "realistic" comedy; that's all the more evident in the first clip released from Horrible Bosses, which pokes fun at just how difficult a stake-out is to pull off in everyday life.

Have a look at that Horrible Bosses clip (via MTV) below:

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Horrible Bosses hits theaters next month on July 8th.

Source:, MTV

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