'Horrible Bosses' Red Band Trailer Is Foul-Mouthed Fun

Horrible Bosses movie red band trailer

Moviegoers who weren't in the mood to see Pixar's latest family-friendly offering, Cars 2, this past weekend by and large flocked to the R-Rated comedy, Bad Teacher. The dark adults-only laughfest Horrible Bosses is hoping to appeal to a a similar crowd when it hits theaters in about two weeks' time.

The previous two audiences-approved trailers for Horrible Bosses featured much of the same dark humor and punchlines - which might've left you wondering if those were the only effective laughs the film had to offer. Judging by the newly-released red band theatrical preview, that (fortunately) doesn't look to be the case.

Horribles Bosses revolves around a pretty basic scenario: Three regular guys (Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day) have the world's worst bosses. After drinking away their woes one night, they come up with an ingenious idea - namely, they should just kill their bosses.

While that idea reads simple on paper, actually pulling off the crime(s) is another matter. Making matters more complicated are the "horrible bosses" themselves (Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell, and Jennifer Aniston), who don't exactly prove to be the easiest hit jobs in the world.

Among other things, the Horrible Bosses red-band trailer gives us a better look at Jamie Foxx's turn as a "murder consultant" - a performance that could be cited as evidence of why Quentin Tarantino ultimately settled on the Oscar-winner to play the titular bad-ass ex-slave in his slavery revenge western, Django Unchained.

Check out the NSFW Horrible Bosses red band trailer (via MSN) below:

Video: 'Horrible Bosses' Trailer (Mature Audiences)


Much like Bad Teacher, the basic premise and subject matter of Horrible Bosses alone will undoubtedly be a turnoff for a number of people. However, those who don't mind the dark comical bend of the film look to be in for a fun (if fleeting) time, between the expletive-laced dialogue, awkward humor, and a pack of actors (and one actress) who all look to be having a ball, playing either inept but likable underlings or their gloriously wicked superiors.

One thing that Horrible Bosses looks to have going for it is the same thing another upcoming R-Rated comedy, 30 Minutes or Less, does: Both look to include their share of hilarious moments that don't involve either someone dropping an f-bomb or having a sexually-explicit conversation. Not that either one of those is bad, per se, but a lot of comedies out there tend to mix up raunchy humor with just plain raunchy material (Your Highness, looking at you).

Horrible Bosses will hit U.S. theaters on July 8th, 2011.

Source: MSN

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