'Horns' Comic-Con Trailer & Poster

Daniel Radcliffe stars in the first full trailer for 'Horns', which debuted along with other new footage at San Diego Comic-Con 2014.

Horns (Daniel Radcliffe) at Comic-Con

For fans of slightly unusual horror tales, Joe Hill's 2010 fantasy novel "Horns" is a must-read. Protagonist Ig Perrish wakes up on the day after the anniversary of his girlfriend Merrin Williams' brutal rape and murder to find that he has grown a pair of horns, which compel everyone he meets to confess their most horrible secrets and desires. Not only that, but Ig can push people into abandoning their inhibitions and committing crime, cruelty and debauchery.

The novel is by turns wickedly funny, profoundly touching and gleefully nihilistic, and last year a movie adaptation directed by Alexandre Aja (High Tension) and starring Daniel Radcliffe (Kill Your Darlings) premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Horns was picked up shortly thereafter for North American distribution by Dimension Films & Radius-TWC, and now the first full trailer has been unveiled at San Diego Comic Con 2014, following a panel with Hill, Radcliffe and Aja.

During the panel Hill referred to the movie as a "tragicomehorridy," and that's definitely the tone that comes across in this very impressive trailer. Radcliffe once again adopts an American accent as Ig and appears to handle the complex character with aplomb. There are also some great moments of dark comedy, such as Ig compelling a group of journalists to beat each other up, and Dr. Renald (Alex Zahara) confessing to a drug addiction in the middle of examining Ig's horns. The trailer reveal was also accompanied by the release of a brand new Horns poster.


Horns Comic-Con poster Daniel Radcliffe

Additional footage from Horns was shown during the panel, including an extended version of the bar scene in which several different people confess their darkest desires to Ig. Radcliffe also told an anecdote about attempting to drive a car with a python around his neck, which was particularly challenging since he'd never driven before (he managed to wreck the car). Since the actor's birthday was earlier this week he also got a chorus of "Happy Birthday" from the audience.

Horns co-stars Juno Temple as Merrin, who despite being dead will probably be featured a lot, if the movie is as flashback-heavy as the novel. Joe Anderson (The Grey) plays Ig's brother, Terry Perrish, and Max Minghella (The Internship) plays Ig's childhood friend, Lee Tourneau. The story is largely about Ig using his newfound abilities to try and find Merrin's real killer and clear his own name.

Horns arrives in theaters on October 31st, 2014.

Source: MTV

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