'Horns' Teaser Trailer & Poster: Talk of the Devil

Daniel Radcliffe stars in the first trailer for 'Horns', Alexandre Aja's new fantasy horror film based on the novel by Joe Hill.

Daniel Radcliffe in Horns

Everybody has bad days, but in Alexandre Aja's upcoming fantasy horror film Horns, Ignatius Perrish (Daniel Racliffe) has been having a pretty terrible year. After being falsely accused of raping and murdering his girlfriend Merrin Williams (Juno Temple) but neither charged nor tried due to a lack of evidence, Ig becomes a social pariah who is hated by the entire town and viewed with distaste even by his own family.

Ig's year of misery and loneliness culminates in him waking up after a night of drunkenness and forgotten debauchery to find that he has grown a pair of horns, and that anyone he comes into contact with will immediately voice their darkest, meanest, most reprehensible thoughts and desires. In fact, Ig can quite literally play the devil on their shoulder by encouraging them to act out those desires. Talk about bringing out the worst in people.

Horns is based on the novel of the same name by acclaimed author Joe Hill (Locke & Key) and was picked up for U.S. distribution by Dimension Films & Radius-TWC have after premiering at Toronto International Film Festival last year. Things have been fairly quiet since then, with the exception of a short clip showing Ig approaching Merrin's still-grieving father, but now Lionsgate has unveiled the first teaser trailer for Horns, along with this eye-catching poster.

Horns official poster

Horns looks extremely promising, in particular the final shot of Radcliffe wearing a snake as an accessory. Thanks to playing American characters in Kill Your Darlings and broadway musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, he has the accent more or less perfected. From what little we've seen of Radcliffe in the role he seems to have handled it well, and he also looks very cool in that red jacket and yellow hoodie.

Aja is best known for directing horror movies, including the gory suspense thriller Haute Tension and the 2006 remake of The Hills Have Eyes. The script for Horns was penned by Keith Bunin (making his feature debut), who also wrote several episodes of the HBO drama In Treatment, and the supporting cast includes Heather Graham, Max Minghella and Joe Anderson.

Whether you're a fan of Hill's work or had never heard of Horns before today, tell us in the comments if this teaser convinced you to watch this dark murder mystery tale.

Horns will arrive  in U.K. theaters on 31st October, 2014. No U.S. release date has yet been announced.

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