Hook: The Lost Boys Reunite 25 Years Later to Remember Robin Williams

Hook Lost Boy cast reunite 25 years later

The Lost Boys are all grown up. For the cast of the 1991 Peter Pan movie/sequel, Hook, there are two important achievements to celebrate. The 25 year anniversary of the movie that became a childhood favorite for so many, and more sadly, the life and career of the film's star: the iconic Robin Williams, who passed away two years ago this week.

The now grown child actors who played Williams' troupe of lovable lost boys in the movie have reunited especially to mark the occasion and commemorate their late co-star in a special way. Namely, by recreating the characters that launched many of their careers (see the above video).

Hook, a kind of sequel to J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan follow up novel “Peter And Wendy”, was directed by Stephen Spielberg and stars Julia Roberts (Tinkerbell), Dustin Hoffman (Hook) and the late Bob Hoskins (Smee) alongside Williams' Peter (Pan). The plot follows an adult Peter who has forgotten about his adventurous childhood identity and become a work-obsessed, somewhat neglectful father. When his children are kidnapped by old nemesis Hook, Peter must rediscover his past and return to Neverland to rescue them, with the help of old friends, the Lost Boys and Tinkerbell the fairy.

The Hook cast reunion was organized by 22 Vision (the production company behind similar recent projects reuniting the cast of School Of Rock and The Little Rascals) and it took two years to accomplish, as the eclectic crew of child actors are now busy with careers both in and out of the limelight . Brian Pocrass, CEO/producer off 22 Vision explains his motivation for orchestrating the reunion (reported exclusively by ET):

“Hook is just one of those movies that people really grew up on... To get them together to remember Robin and celebrate this milestone is something that I loved being a part of.”

Hook -Lost Boys cast reunion recreate classic character image

The group seems more than happy to reminisce about their time working on the movie, the amazing sets Spielburg created and sense of fun that was achieved. But most of all, the fond memories had by all of Robin Williams as a co-star. This trend of reuniting cast members from past popular films and television shows is a satisfyingly sentimental testament to the positive effect that any movies and/or TV show can have on the cast and crew involved and the fandom created - especially a childhood classic that sparked the imagination such as Hook.

Although it will shock many that it has in fact been 25 years since Hook was released, the movie still stands the test of time, and like the residents of Neverland, does not seem to age, which is a sign of a true cinematic classic. This particular cast reunion is bittersweet for both the cast and fans, knowing that Williams is no longer here to celebrate this milestone, but his work on this movie and the joy he brought to this group of co-stars are part of the amazing legacy he has left behind.

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Hook is available for purchase on DVD and Blu-ray.

Source: ET

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