15 Things You Never Knew About Honey Boo Boo's Family

It seems reality TV stars are constantly surrounded with scandals, rumors, and legal troubles. This is especially evident with the stars of TLC’s slate of reality programming. The casts of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Mama June: From Not To Hot are no exception and have been publicly plagued with their own share of issues both before and after stardom.

There’s no end to the drama surrounding the Shannon family. From Mama June’s turbulent romantic history to Honey Boo Boo’s infamous “Go Go Juice,” fans are constantly learning of new shocking and dark secrets surrounding their favorite reality TV family.

The Shannon family has been subjected to diets, weight loss, missing child support payments, and loads of injuries and disorders, but they always seem to come out on top.

Mama June and her girls have endured endless setbacks, obstacles, and scandals throughout the years. Some have led to the failure of their reality shows, while others have propelled them back into the spotlight-- and most of it all took place on cable television.

Here are the 15 Things You Never Knew About Honey Boo Boo's Family.

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Honey Boo Boo - Worst Spinoffs Based on Hit TV Shows
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15 Sugar Bear Pretty Much Walked Out On Honey Boo Boo

Honey Boo Boo - Worst Spinoffs Based on Hit TV Shows

If the allegations against Sugar Bear are true, Mama June’s wishes to cut out harmful influences from her family have already come true. Sugar Bear has been reportedly absent from the family for quite some time. However, this development is a rather sad one if the accusations are false.

Both Mama June and Honey Boo Boo have maintained that Sugar Bear hasn’t been a part of their lives for a while. From the moment Sugar Bear became wrapped up with Jennifer Lamb, all of his time and attention became focused on his new partner and his daughter was left in the lurch.

This hasn’t really bothered either Honey Boo Boo or her mother, however, as they maintain that Sugar Bear had body shamed Honey Boo Boo in the past.

14 Mama June Has Struggled With Weight Loss

Mama June famously lost hundreds of pounds after a strict diet and a new exercise regimen, but she did have a little help from a dedicated personal trainer and a very public weight loss surgery.

This wasn’t Mama June’s only experience going under the knife either. After dropping the weight, Mama June had her excess skin removed, following her dramatic makeover.

While she’s proud of her hard work, the weight loss didn’t come without setbacks. Adjusting to the surgery was incredibly difficult for Mama June at first. She admitted that she couldn’t stick to the right amounts of food following the procedure and would initially eat so much that she would throw up.

However, she soon put all of that behind her by learning what her new limits were.

13 Jennifer Lamb Tried To Sabotage Honey Boo Boo’s Diet

Jennifer Lamb may be the reason for Sugar Bear’s prolonged absence, but we’re betting Mama June is kind of okay with that-- especially considering Lamb’s alleged sabotage of Honey Boo Boo’s diet.

Mama June worked hard to lose weight and get fit, surgeries or not, and it became very important to her to extend those healthy choices to her daughter. However, apparently Lamb didn’t agree with Mama June withholding sweets and snacks from Honey Boo Boo and made a promise to give the young girl anything she found herself craving behind Mama June's back.

On top of all that, Lamb and Sugar Bear made incredibly insulting and derogatory remarks about Mama June and her weight loss, joking that her new trainer used junk food to lure her into exercise. 

12 Honey Boo Boo Met Jennifer Lamb Without Mama June’s Knowledge

Watching your child meet their parent’s new love is never easy. However, Mama June never had to deal with that … because Honey Boo Boo met Sugar Bear’s new partner Jennifer Lamb without her mother ever even knowing about it.

If that weren’t bad enough, it appeared that Sugar Bear and Jennifer Lamb were using Honey Boo Boo to get intel on Mama June. During the meeting, Honey Boo Boo was prodded for information on how her mother was dealing with Sugar Bear’s engagement to Jennifer Lamb before the group began to plan Honey Boo Boo’s wardrobe for the upcoming wedding.

Honey Boo Boo openly admitted that her mother would have heavily disapproved to the meeting and promised to keep the incident a secret from Mama June.

11 Honey Boo Boo Has A Trust Fund

The Shannon family may have started out struggling for money, but working for TLC has provided Honey Boo Boo with future financial security.

To make sure nothing happens to her newly received stash of cash, Mama June has been placing her daughter’s pay checks in a trust fund. At the age of seven, Honey Boo Boo made between $15,000 and $20,000 per episode — that’s good money for a girl who is only in elementary school.

Mama June has made sure that Honey Boo Boo will not have access to her trust fund until she is 21 years old to ensure a stable adulthood. Sometimes things happen that out of our control, so Mama June made allowances for medical emergencies and things of that nature just in case.

10 Mama June Was Prosecuted For Not Paying Child Support

Mama June

Mama June was famously linked to child predator Mark McDaniel before her time with the also allegedly abusive Sugar Bear. When it was discovered that McDaniel had been abusing Chickadee, she was removed from the home and Mama June’s mother Sandra Hale was given custody. Mama June then got into hot water when she failed to pay several months’ worth of child support for Chickadee.

The Henry County Defense Attorney filed charges against Mama June, saying that her payments were behind by a massive $4,144.62.

Mama June faced jail time if the payments continued to go unpaid and a mugshot was even taken for an accompanying contempt case. However, June assumedly paid the fines and avoided prison in the end.

9 Mama June Accused TLC Of Double Standards Over The Duggars’ Abuse Scandal

Josh Duggar

When TLC discovered the allegations against Mark McDaniel they promptly dropped the Shannon family and the show. Shortly after, accusations of abuse were leveraged at Josh Duggar and… nothing happened. Mama June became enraged at TLC’s lack of action against the Duggars and their show, 19 Kids And Counting.

Mama June accused the network of having double standards and protecting the Duggars because of the family’s high-powered producer friends. She made further accusations alleging that the network was likely coaching the Duggars through the media backlash to minimize damage and save face.

Those accusations weren’t totally baseless, though-- she had personal experience with similar behaviors during the cancellation of her own show. Mama June claimed that TLC would not allow her or her family to make their own public statements and were coached through their appearances.

8 Mama June Was “Incoherent” At Uncle Poodle’s Wedding

When Uncle Poodle married Alan Stevenson in 2015, the wedding was supposed to be aired as a special episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. However, the Mark McDaniel scandal broke and the show was pulled off the air before the wedding episode ever made it to television.

Turns out, that might have been for the best, because Mama June made quite a bad impression during the celebration. Poodle revealed that Mama June was “goofy and incoherent” from the very beginning of the wedding.

It was never confirmed whether or not June was under the influence at the time, but she did eventually sleep off whatever ailed her. Despite her calming down, Poodle was still disappointed and uncomfortable with Mama June’s behavior at his wedding.

7 Sugar Bear Has An Undiagnosed Neurological Disorder

Sugar Bear’s health was ailing for months before his disorder came to a head. He had been in and out of the hospital with various injuries for a long period of time. Eventually, things got so bad that he even collapsed and was rushed to the emergency room just three months before his testing could even begin.

Seeing as how no updates seem to have been given in the past four years, fans still have no idea what happened to Sugar Bear to cause all of his health pain and struggles.

 However, he seems to have been able to keep out of the hospital following his one really bad year, so many fans assume that everything worked out okay for him in the end.

6 A Forklift Once Ran Over Mama June’s Foot

Apparently, Mama June is very particular about keeping her feet covered up at all times. It turns out that this is because an old injury, which left her foot deformed. Before she found fame, Mama June was working in a warehouse and suffered a horrific injury when a forklift ran over her foot. Her foot never returned to normal and has been mishapen ever since.

June normally kept her “forklift foot” under wraps, refusing to go anywhere or do anything without socks or shoes on. It’s said that she kept her deformed foot hidden from everyone, including her family. She even once wore socks to get a pedicure.

However, Mama June finally found the courage to reveal her foot to the world on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

5 The Family Once Got In A Car Accident The Day Before Pumpkin’s Birthday

There aren’t too many things that can happen to totally wreck your birthday, but a car accident is definitely one of them. The entire family was in the car when they were hit by another driver and forced to take a trip to the hospital on Pumpkin’s birthday.

Poor Pumpkin was so startled by the incident that she suffered a panic attack, as well as bruising on her chest. Other family members had minor bumps and bruises along with whiplash and sprains. To make matters worse, Mama June claimed that the ill-timed accident was the first one that her family had ever been in.

Still, Mama June vowed to give Pumpkin a wonderful fourteenth birthday and promised to celebrate after everyone was released from the hospital. 

4 Chubbs Was The First One In The Family To Graduate High School

Not all of the Shannon family firsts are negative. When Chubbs graduated from high school, she became the first person in the family to ever do so. When Chubbs graduated in 2015, the entire family was so proud of her they all got together to celebrate and attend the ceremony.

Chubbs followed up her high school success by attending nursing school at South Georgia State College. Mama June was so proud of Chubbs that she bragged about her daughter to her social media followers.

Honey Boo Boo is currently in sixth grade so she’s got several years to go before facing her own high school graduation, but we’re sure she’ll do just as well as her big sister.

3 Kaitlyn’s Extra Thumb Was Recently Removed

Mama June’s little granddaughter Kaitlyn underwent surgery at only 4 years old. Kaitlyn underwent a procedure last year to remove an extra thumb that she had been born with on her right hand. She had to wear a cast for six months following the operation.

The family seriously debated going through with the procedure, but ultimately decided that it would be in Kaitlyn’s best interests. They were worried about future medical issues that could arise as Kaitlyn gets older.

Of course, Kaitlyn’s mother Chickadee wanted to avoid the soon-to-be Kindergartener from getting bullied when she began elementary school. This is a valid point, sadly-- little kids can be cruel bullies at times. Kaitlyn made it through the procedure just fine, though there hasn't been much word on how she adjusted to the loss of the thumb.

2 Pumpkin Is Pregnant

There’s going to be another member of the Shannon family — Pumpkin is having a baby. The 17 year old mom-to-be announced her pregnancy in August. The new mama couldn’t contain her excitement when announcing her big news, though she admitted that she was nervous about the actual delivery.

At the time of the announcement, Pumpkin had yet to learn the gender of her baby. However, given the Shannon family’s overabundance of girls, she said that she had a feeling that her own child would be more of the same.

Two months later, the gender of Pumpkin’s baby was revealed on her mother’s show Mama June: From Not To Hot. It turns out that Pumpkin’s hunch was correct: she’s expecting a girl of her own. 

1 Mama June Accused Sugar Bear Of Child Abuse

Everyone expects drama from a reality TV show, that’s just part of the deal — especially when children are involved. However, nobody expects the skeletons lurking in the Shannons’ closet.

Mama June has been romantically linked to child predator in the past. Though she hasn’t accused Sugar Bear of those crimes, but her children were still subjected to alleged abuse at the hands of Sugar Bear.

Mama June accused her ex-boyfriend of being emotionally and physically abusive towards her daughters during the time that they were in a relationship together.

The girls’ family history is pretty harrowing, but their mother has vowed to make some major changes in their lives going forward. Mama June promised to keep her children out of harm’s way in the future.


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