Incredibles: What Frozone's Wife Honey Best Looks Like

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She hasn't appeared onscreen in either movie but here's what The Incredibles Honey Best really looks like. The Incredibles franchise revolves around a dysfunctional family unit of superheroes who are forced into hiding when heroes are outlawed. Brad Bird's 2004 animated comedy was loaded with heart, laughs and amazing action sequences, and is still considered one of Pixar's best efforts. While the film isn't actually based on the Fantastic Four comic, it did a much better job of bringing the themes of that series to life than any of the actual live-action movies.

It took over 14 years for Incredibles 2 to arrive, which finds Mr. Incredible (Voiced by Craig T. Nelson) looking after the family while Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) gets to go out and save the world. While the sequel lacked the freshness of the original - with every action sequence seeming to boil down to stopping an out of control vehicle hitting something - it was still a lot of fun. This is mainly down to the voice cast and Brad Bird's talent for animated comedy.

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It appears there will be a very long wait for The Incredibles 3 - if it even happens. Pixar is coming off a long period of focusing on sequels and are intending to focus on original ideas for the time being. One character who also returned for Incredibles 2 is Honey Best (Kimberly Adair Clark), the wife of superhero Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson). In the original movie, she's heard offscreen as Frozone frantically tries to find his super suit for the ending battle, which she's hidden. She returns in a similar role for the sequel, though she was originally supposed to appear in a scene that was later deleted.

This scene took place during the opening of Incredibles 2 where Honey Best frantically tries to hide Frozone's suit so he can't get involved in a chase with villain The Underminer. Brad Bird felt this scene killed the momentum of the chase, and also that Honey Best was funnier as an offscreen presence. This choice disappointed some fans who were eager to see Honey appear onscreen, though at least the deleted sequence provides an idea of what she looks like.

Maybe someday Frozone and Honey Best will get their own Incredibles spinoff, but until then, fans will have to wait a little longer for the character to finally appear onscreen. Brad Bird's next project will move far away from The Incredibles and is said to be a live-action musical that will also have around 20 minutes of animation in it.

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