Oscars 2018 Honest Trailer Highlights All The Superhero Snubs

The Honest Trailer for the 2018 Oscars takes aim at the nine Best Picture nominees, as well as some perceived snubs in the world of comic book movies. Once again, Hollywood's biggest night is upon us, closing the books on another long and winding awards season. The ceremony, with Jimmy Kimmel returning as host, takes place on March 4. Everyone involved is hoping for a smoother show following last year's Best Picture snafu that will forever live in infamy. Ideally, the Academy has taken the necessary measures to ensure all of the correct winners are announced the first time around.

As cinephiles prepare for the main event, they're taking time to reflect on the best 2017 in film had to offer and the various merits of all the recognized titles. Some are even making the effort to watch any of the nominees they missed, though it can be difficult to cross every one off the list before Oscar Sunday. For those looking for a quick recap ahead of time, the latest Honest Trailer should do the trick. You can watch it above.

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ScreenJunkies continued their annual tradition of poking fun at the year's top tier Oscar contenders in the parody video. As per usual, it offers mini takes on the complete roster of Best Picture candidates. In this edition, noteworthy jokes point out how weird the plots for unconventional romances The Shape of Water and Call Me By Your Name are when you strip away the artistry behind them, criticize Dunkirk for its puzzling nonlinear timeline, and make peace with the fact Sam Rockwell will always be known as "That Guy" - even if he takes home Best Supporting Actor as expected. Gags involving Daniel Day-Lewis' dedication to method acting and The Post's prestige pedigree are also quite funny.

The Oscars

For the trademark "Starring..." section, ScreenJunkies created fake categories for the year's biggest comic book movie "snubs." Many fans were hopeful works like Logan and Wonder Woman would be able to crack the Best Picture field, but those campaigns were fruitless. Logan did receive a Best Adapted Screenplay nod, but most superhero films were relegated to the technical categories or completely shut out. Despite receiving positive reviews, Spider-Man: Homecoming will have to settle for "Best Lack of an Origin Story," and Wonder Woman is a favorite in "Best 2/3 of a Movie." Perhaps one day things will change, but for now, there remains a divide between "tentpole" and "Oscar movie."

Despite a lack of franchise fare competing for the major Oscars, this year provided one of the most exciting and open races in recent memory. For a long time, there was no clear frontrunner as several well-liked projects staked their spots, but the precursors have provided some clarity on the matter. The Shape of Water looks to be the Best Picture favorite after winning big at the Producers Guild and Directors Guild. It also leads the pack with 13 Academy Award nominations, including Best Director and Best Actress. If it wins the top prize, it'll be the rare fantasy film to emerge victorious.

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Source: ScreenJunkies

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