Honest Trailers Creates Retro Theme Songs For Emmy Nominees

69th Primetime Emmys

The latest Honest Trailers video features retro theme songs some Emmys favorites. The Screen Junkies team have made this video in a bid to publicise their own campaign, because Honest Trailers is up for the Outstanding Short Form Variety Series award.

The five-minute video pokes playful fun at Stranger Things, This Is Us, The Handmaid’s Tale and Game of Thrones – using music and editing to lampoon the prestigious shows. This marks a change from the usual Honest Trailers M.O., which is more about creating hilariously candid promos for films. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was in the YouTube channel's crosshairs recently.

What makes this retro theme songs video particularly impressive is the famous friends that Screen Junkies have brought on board. Michael Bolton, Natasha Bedingfield, Brian McKnight and Paula Cole all lent their time to make this video that little bit more epic. It’s a rare and somewhat bizarre treat seeing these famous singers lampooning popular TV shows.

The Stranger Things theme tune comes first, with Bedingfield’s vocals giving it an upbeat tone. The choice of clips in the music video adds a lot of comedy, with Hopper waking up hung-over on the sofa at one point and Nancy crawling through sludge at another. The lyrics are fun, too, particularly the closing gambit: “No matter how hard we push and crawl, Stranger Things are inside us all!”

Next up in the ridiculing queue is NBC’s heart-warming/heart-breaking family drama, This Is Us, the proposed theme tune for which includes a cheery montage of people crying and the lyric “what if your mom lied to you your entire life?” Then comes the theme song for Hulu’s dystopian book adaptation, The Handmaid’s Tale, which builds up to a show-stopping closing line: “Let the Eyes all see, as we smash the patriarchy...”

And finally, Michael Bolton steps up to the plate to tackle HBO’s fantasy behemoth, Game of Thrones, which isn’t actually eligible for Emmys this year. But, regardless of that tiny detail, Honest Trailers and Bolton offer up an epic intro for the dragon-stuffed series, which combines some of the grimmest clips from the show with nonsensical lyrics like “There’s a wall around my heart”. It also takes the time to mock Ed Sheeran’s notorious cameo and highlight the show’s ridiculously huge cast. There’s also a decent joke about House Bolton, just before the song starts.

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The 2017 Emmys ceremony takes place on September 17.

Source: Honest Trailers

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