Showtime Releases New 'Homeland' Season 2 Trailer

Claire Danes Homeland Showtime

Either Showtime is playing Homeland season 2 incredibly close to the vest, or they just really love the idea of creating footage-free teasers for the show's upcoming premiere next month. It's a marketing move the network has employed to some success with Dexter. And while it's lacking any clips from the second season, it does paint a fairly quick picture of just how Sergeant Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) got to where he is.

As you have now seen, the former POW has clearly cashed in on the media attention surrounding his rescue and incredible survival, and parlayed that into a Congressional seat, but his rather unique conflict of interest is still very much at the forefront of his thoughts. With the Vice President having hitched his wagon to Brody's star to boost his bid for the presidency, Brody's profile as an American hero is now larger than ever - a fact that would make the completion of Abu Nazir's intended plot against Vice President William Walden (Jamey Sheridan), and the United States, all the more terrifying.

Meanwhile, on the fringe of the grand spectacle that is Brody's political appointment is Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes). Carrie is very much on the opposite end of the spectrum, career-wise, but that doesn't appear to have stopped her from continuing on the collision course with the man she suspects is a sleeper agent.

Now that she's no longer with the CIA, Carrie's job convincing others of her suspicion will no doubt be made exponentially harder - not only due to the discovery of her mental illness, but also because she operated as something of a rogue agent before that. Despite all of this, the trailer suggests that Carrie's one constant, driving force is still uncovering the truth behind Brody's allegiance to Abu Nazir.

The narration by Carrie's mentor, Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin), serves to bring the audience up to speed, and it's also eerily accurate in how well it presents Carrie and Brody's frame of mind.

"What happens when your country forgets you? Hidden away, disoriented, out of touch. Ideas are bound to warp. Allegiances shift. If everything you had was taken away, and you had nothing left to lose, what lengths would you go to for the one idea that pulled you through? And how dangerous would you be?" 

Claire Danes Homeland Showtime

Claire Danes spoke about her character during Showtime's presentation at the Television Critics Association summer press event, saying Carrie will find strength in having her condition known by others, even though the event that ended season 1 will have left her indelibly changed.

Danes said:

"She's been outed; she's been exposed as this person with this condition, and that has altered her in a pretty fundamental way. She's not hiding; she doesn't have that panic or defensiveness. As we find her in the beginning of the season, she's been humbled...She gets her mojo back, but it takes some time."

As season 2 will reportedly jump forward in time, perhaps Carrie's disorientation and desire to right the course she's on will serve as a parallel for what the audience will go through. Until then, if Showtime wants to keep bringing these stylish previews, we'll certainly welcome reading into them.

Homeland season 2 premieres Sunday, September 30th on Showtime.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Daily Mail

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