'Homeland' Season 2 Adds F. Murray Abraham to Cast

Oscar-winning actor F. Murray Abraham (Scarface) will be joining the cast of Showtime's 'Homeland' in season 2.

Homeland Season 2 F Murray Abraham

The season 2 premiere of Showtime's critically-acclaimed political drama, Homeland, is quickly approaching, and news just hit that F. Murray Abraham has signed on to join the cast in the second season.

In the show, Abraham will be playing CIA intelligence operative, Dar Adul. He'll be joining lead actress Claire Danes (winner of a Golden Globe for her role on Homeland), who portrays Carrie Mathison, an erratic but highly skillful CIA operative.

The first season followed Carrie as she tried to prove that Marine Sergeant Nicolas Brody (Emmy nominee Damian Lewis), is plotting an attack on America after going missing in Iraq for 8 years. It was a tense season of close calls, great plot development and incredible acting, all woven together organically by strong storytelling. The season ended (check out our season finale review) with Sergeant Brody aborting his mission to take down the President of the United States and many other important political figures, by decidedly not activating the bomb strapped to his chest after his first failed attempt.

The story really hits home (no pun), as it explores the effects of terrorism, physically and mentally, on both the aggressors and those trying to prevent it from happening. The series showcases a serious subject in a very insightful, layered and calculated manner. The characters all have real depth and steady development, and Abraham's talent should add even more richness to a currently strong cast of characters.

Damien Lewis Claire Danes Homeland Season 2

Abraham's notable acting abilities have been nothing short of praised, having received an Oscar for depicting Antonio Salieri in the 1984 film, Amadeus. Abraham's TV and film credits are quite extensive, including such films as Oliver Stone's Scarface (1983), Woody Allen's Mighty Aphrodite (1995), and Gus Van Sant's Finding Forester (2000), to name a few.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Abraham's character Dar Adul is described as, “a brilliant intelligence operative in his 60-70’s. He has worked all over the world for the Special Activities Division of the CIA.” Season 2 will also boast a few other new cast members - including Roya Hammad, who plays manipulative journalist Zuleikha Robinson, as well as Rupert Friend as CIA agent Peter Quinn.

Homeland Season 2 returns to Showtime on Sunday September 30 at 10pm.

Source: EW

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