Damian Lewis, Laura Fraser & David Harewood Join 'Homeland' Cast

Showtime's 24-esque domestic terror drama, Homeland, is fleshing out its cast in preparation for initial shooting in January. In addition to Mandy Patinkin and Claire Danes, Damian Lewis has been cast as the fugitive/terrorist Scott Brody. Laura Frasier will play his wife Jessica and David Harewood also joins the cast cast as the Deputy Director of the CIA.

Homeland will follow Sgt. Scott Brody (Lewis), a Marine who returns home after years of being held hostage by terrorists in Iraq. The soldier immediately becomes the subject of a CIA investigation, under suspicion of colluding with his former captors. Lewis' previous work on Band of Brothers makes him an ideal choice for the role.

Laura Frasier, best known to Screen Rant readers as the female armorer from A Knight's Tale, plays his wife Jessica Brody. Mandy Patinkin will play a CIA boss assigned to the case, his first major TV role after leaving Criminal Minds in 2007. Claire Danes (Stardust, Shopgirl) has been cast as Carrie Anderson, the agent assigned to investigate Brody. David Harewood (Blood Diamond, the BBC's Robin Hood TV series) will play a young and ambitious CIA Deputy Director.

The story synopsis of Homeland leads many to believe that Showtime is hoping for a cable version of the action/drama style 24 hit it big with years ago. Since the Kiefer Sutherland series ended earlier this year, nothing has stepped up to take its place on network TV. Their choice of writers, namely Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon, both have writing and producing credits on 24 and will undoubtedly aim to have this show fill that void. Director Michael Cuesta's previous work includes other cable dramas like Dexter and Six Feet Under.

If 24 fans have ever craved a more raw, uncompromising version of the national security drama, Showtime might be ready to deliver. Without the FCC restrictions on network TV, cable shows can - and do - let loose with full-on movie-style action and storytelling. Showtime's current flagship series Dexter illustrates this perfectly. Both 24 and Dexter have been ratings powerhouses - combining the tension and topicality of the former with the mature themes of the latter could be a winner with cable viewers.

Whatever Showtime's got planned, we won't have to wait too long to find out. Homeland will start initial filming in less than a month, with a probable debut in fall 2011.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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