Homefront: The Revolution Reviews: A Dull & Disappointing Sequel

Homefront 2: The Revolution

Homefront: The Revolution delivers an interesting premise: liberating America from foreign occupants building on the first title that told a story of an invasion from North Korean forces. It unapologetically played out as a reminder of Red Dawn and portrayed some interesting ideas but was greeted with a lukewarm response when it hit PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles over five years ago.

So it was somewhat surprising when a sequel was announced and that it was to be an open-world experience, this time from developer Crytek (Crysis) who salvaged the project even after publisher THQ went bankrupt. This week’s release date isn't doing hte game any favors, following last week's big hitters Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Doombut judging from the first reviews for Homefront: The Revolution, its release date is the least of its issues.

Below are some of the first review scores and notes that surfaced online today for the Homefront sequel which point to something that's unimpressive and uninspired:

GameSpot – Scott Butterworth

“While the single-player campaign gives you plenty of ways to use all these tools--for better or worse--the completely separate co-op campaign offers only six missions total. You can replay them at any of three different difficulty levels, but even then, most missions can be completed in roughly 10 to 15 minutes. And unlike the campaign, you can't choose which weapons and attachments you acquire as you progress. Instead, you must blindly purchase a loot crates filled with random unlocks. So far, that's proven frustrating and pointless.” Score: N/A (Review in progress)

IGN – Jon Ryan

Though its world has some great aesthetic devices and a cool concept, ultimately all of Homefront: The Revolution’s elements feel repetitive, unpolished, or downright unnecessary. Over the length of its campaign it fails to deliver a satisfying - or even fully functional - shooter experience.” Score: 5/10

Eurogamer – Johnny Chiodini

“The resistance is a movement staffed exclusively by obnoxious surfer-bros who spend their days posturing about how much they love brutalising North Koreans - or Norks, as they're affectionately called… Dambuster studios has tried to create a resistance that's embattled, determined and charismatic in the face of an oppressive regime. Instead, it's made one that's obnoxious and small minded. Homefront: The Revolution mistakes pettiness and nastiness for gravitas and emotional depth, to the detriment of the game as a whole.” Score: N/A

Homefront: The Revolution - Hearts and Minds 1 Screenshot

Trusted ReviewsStuart Andrews

“What keeps me going are the glimpses of a more intriguing game buried somewhere underneath. Sure, some of the dialogue is painfully clichéd and trite, not helped by the way you’ll hear the same lines repeated over and over again, but there are also signs of a studio trying to create a different vision of life under an oppressive regime. You can see where the designers are coming from with their talk of an open-world Half-Life 2, even if their ambitions extend way beyond their abilities to realise them.” Score: N/A (Review in progress)

PolygonRuss Frushtick

“Once the action starts, Homefront: The Revolution settles into dull missions and gameplay… Perhaps the saddest thing about Homefront: The Revolution is that it's capably developed. It's not buggy (at least not in the PC version I played) and it runs smoothly. The guns feel fine; the lone vehicle (a motorcycle) is easy to control. But there's never a moment that feels like it's reaching for something more than a check-the-boxes open-world shooter.” Score: 6/10

The JimquisitionJim Sterling

“Forced to only imagine this game running at its best, I still see nothing but a pedestrian, corny, badly designed game. Dreary missions, an open world that lacks any charm, A.I. behavior that boggles in its inadequacy, and unengaging combat makes for a game that, even in its finest condition, manages to be just another sub-par sandbox peddling worn-out ideas.” Score: 1/10

Gamesradar+ - Leon Hurley

 “Homefront: The Revolution manages to be entertaining without ever completely delivering on its open world warfare potential. There’s definitely an interesting game here if you fancy a different paced shooter. There’s just a few bits that don't quite click. The pace between the Red and Yellow Zones doesn’t flow as smoothly as it could, for example. The scrappy free roam fighting can deliver some great moments, but just as equally frustrate with loops of dying and respawning…and guns just don't feel... 'right'. Combined it all keeps Homefront at the level of ‘basically okay’.” Score: 3/5

Only a handful of reviews have been posted to Metacritic so far but it doesn’t look like the response can improve significantly for The Revolution. Currently all reviews are mixed with an average score of 55 at the time of publication but worse for the game is that user scores are starting to pour in from those that picked it up at launch with one labeling it a "catastrophe." There have also been several reports from publications that the title has serious performance issues on both PC and console versions, something our own Rob Keyes noted as a major issue from the beta.

Homefront: The Revolution is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

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