'Home' Trailer #2: Rihanna Can Has Alien Lolcat

Home poster excerpt

Internet memes are hugely popular with the kids these days, so it's little wonder that plenty of companies are trying to figure out ways to turn those viral ideas into gold. Grumpy Cat, the master of cashing in on virality, is debuting in her own Lifetime movie this Christmas, and in UK theaters movies are often preceded by cell phone provider EE's cringeworthy attempts to revive memes that are a decade old.

DreamWorks' upcoming animated family movie Home also capitalizes on one of the oldest memes around - the dreaded Lolcats - with an alien protagonist who mimics their adorably poor grammar. Oh, voiced by The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons, is a member of an alien species called the Boov who live on a planet that, according to the first trailer, is a million miles away from Earth. Of course that's actually not very far at all in cosmic terms, so perhaps that's why Oh has no trouble fleeing to Earth after upsetting his fellow Boov.

The second trailer for Home has now arrived, also featuring the voice of Rihanna as Tip, an amiable teenager whom Oh meets shortly after arriving on Earth. Tip owns a cat called Pig, who actually doesn't talk but seems to fill the cute animal sidekick role nonetheless. Together Oh and Tip try to prevent the Boov from destroying the Earth and also learn lessons about friendship and being yourself along the way. Probably.

Home poster excerpt

Home first saw life in a short film called Almost Home, in which a spaceship full of unlucky Boov went on a tour of the universe trying to find a habitable planet to call home. Steve Martin, who voiced the glorious Boov leader Captain Smek, is reprising his role in the feature film, and the voice cast also includes Jennifer Lopez and Matt Jones (who played Jesse's pal Badger in Breaking Bad).

This planetary home invasion movie has the same director as DreamWorks' early success Antz, Tim Johnson, and was scripted by Get Smart screenwriting duo Tom J. Astle and Matt Ember. It looks like more of a Monsters vs. Aliens than a How to Train Your Dragon, but it should keep the kids happy.

Home opens in U.S. theaters on March 27th, 2015.

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