Macaulay Culkin Returns As Adult Kevin McCallister In Home Alone Google Ad

With Christmas just around the corner, many families will be revisiting the 1990 holiday classic Home Alone, and now there might be even more who watch this blockbuster thanks to a new Macaulay Culkin Google Home ad. More than 28 years after its release, Home Alone still stands the test of time and is considered by many to be among the all-time great Christmas movies, with Ryan Reynolds now eyeing an R-rated reboot dubbed Stoned Alone. It came out of nowhere to be the highest-grossing movie of 1990, a feat that's even more impressive when looking back now.

Home Alone came out of nowhere, with a cast lead by a relatively unknown Culkin, who starred in Uncle Buck a year earlier and only had a handful of other credits to his name. The movie earned a whopping $285.7 million in 1990, from just an $18 million budget, making it the highest grossing movie of the year. While that number might not seem like a lot in 2018, when you adjust that total for inflation, it equates to $619 million in today's market, which would make it the third biggest movie at the U.S. box office if it were released this year, behind Avengers: Infinity War ($678.8 million) and Black Panther ($700 million)

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The ad debuted today, showing Culkin as the adult McCallister coming home, wondering where his mom and dad are. He then asks the Google Home Assistant what's on his calendar for today, with the computerized voice responding that he has one event called, "House to Yourself." McCallister then proceeds to try and recreate his iconic aftershave scene from the original movie, but he's out of aftershave, asking the Assistant to add some to his shopping list.

McCallister shows his age a bit as well, as he's then seen jumping on his parents' bed like the original, asking the Assistant to remind him to wash the sheets later, when his back begins to cramp up and he has to get off the bed. He even watches the fake gangster movie created for Home Alone, Angels With Filthy Souls, replaying the now-iconic line "Keep the change, ya filthy animal," to a pizza delivery guy, and using the Assistant to turn the temperature down two degrees. The ad comes to an end with McCallister using two Roombas and some cardboard cutouts to give the illusion that he's not home alone.

For those who have Google Home Assistant, you can re-create your own version of Home Alone as well. Starting today, fans can revisit iconic moments from the movie by saying specific phrases. For example, if you say, "Hey Google, did I forget something?" the Assistant will play the famous Kevin scream. Or if you say, "How much do I owe you?” or “It’s me Snakes. I got the stuff," the Assistant will play Angels With Filthy Souls. If you say, "I'm the man of the house," the Assistant will play the iconic aftershave scene, or say, "The Wet Bandits are here" to hear what Kevin would do, "in his most heroic moment."

While he may not be the child mega-star he once was, Culkin still continues to carve out a career. He'll next be seen starring in writer-director Seth Green's new film Changeland next year. And now, nearly three decades after Home Alone made him a household name, Culkin shows he's able to look back at that career-defining role with a sense of humor.

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