All The Evidence Home Alone's Kevin Grows Up To Be Jigsaw

Did Kevin McCallister become the serial killer known as Jigsaw after the first two Home Alone films? In 1990, 20th Century Fox delivered a major holiday family-friendly hit in Home Alone. The movie introduced audiences to Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) as he is accidentally left behind when his family goes on vacation and must fend off burglars. Both installments of the franchise showed Kevin's ingenuity in accomplishing this goal. And according to one theory, he later became the serial killer from the Saw franchise.

Jigsaw is the terrifying and twisted killer of the Saw franchise who Kevin is theorized to become. In the Saw movies, it has been revealed that Jigsaw's real name is John Kramer. After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, though, Kramer decides to make the most of his limited time left alive by becoming a killer. His plan typically revolves around trapping his victims in a location filled with games and puzzles that they must solve to stay alive. It may not be clear right away, but let's discuss the evidence supporting the theory that Kevin became Jigsaw.

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While Kevin appeared to be a normal kid, one of the recurring traits he has in the Home Alone movies is a violent tendency. He repeatedly harms the Wet Bandits (and rightfully so), but he also takes pleasure from their pain. While the harm Jigsaw inflicts is meant to give his victims a new outlook on life, he must also enjoy the torture and pain he's causing to some degree. It isn't too difficult to believe that Kevin's mind could snap after hearing devastating news and revert him back to his childlike ways, just with a more violent aspect.

Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone

All of the pain that both Kevin and Jigsaw cause people come from similar tactics, too. Kevin crafts elaborate traps for the Wet Bandits to fall into over and over again. Meanwhile, Jigsaw designs similarly intricate games for people to play, some of which even have similarities to early traps or moments from Kevin's childhood. One similarity that particularly stands out is Kevin being scared of the furnace in his basement and imagining it coming to life and how Jigsaw burned someone alive in a furnace in Saw II. This could be Jigsaw using some of his own childhood fears as inspiration.

With some personality similarities between Kevin and Jigsaw, the question we're left with is whether or not the logic behind them being the same person tracks. The last time Kevin McCallister is seen is in 1992 New York and after experiencing the east coast, it's possible that he moves out there - specifically Pennsylvania - when he gets older. From that point on, Kevin would need to change his name to John Kramer and the rest of his life could fall into place. They do look almost identical too with blue eyes, blonde hair, and a similar jawline and Culkin has shown Kevin could go full Saw.

The biggest hole in the theory may be the timing of this, as Kevin is just a kid in the Home Alone movies, but Kramer is an older man just a decade later when Saw hit theaters. For what its worth, Saw creator James Wan has supported this theory. But, if the events of the Saw films didn't happen in conjunction with their theatrical releases, then this theory will hold together better and could mean Kevin did become Jigsaw after all.

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