Home Alone: The 5 Funniest Scenes (& 5 Dumbest Jokes)

The first two Home Alone films are undisputed holiday classics, but, while they're full of memorable moments, they also have a few low points.

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Home Alone is one of the most iconic and successful Christmas movies of all time. While it’s been out for almost thirty years, it’s still extremely beloved. Many people enjoy watching it every year around the holiday season, and it’s full of hilarious scenes that make it hard to forget. There is no shortage of laughs in the first two Home Alone movies. However, while some of the moments are truly hilarious, there are also some that are more on the dumb or cringe side of things.

Here Are the five funniest scenes from Home Alone as well as the five dumbest jokes.

10 Funniest: "I Made My Family Disappear!"

Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone buying toothbrush

One of the first and most iconic moments from the first film is when Kevin wakes up after wishing his family was gone and yells this line. He’s extremely happy about the fact that he gets the house to himself and that his wish made them disappear.

Seeing him run through the house excited is really funny, and it’s also something that we can all relate to when we were kids. It’s definitely one of the most hilarious moments of the movie.

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9 Dumbest: When Harry Pretends To Be A Cop

Home Alone Joe Pesci Daniel Stern

While Home Alone is full of many hilarious moments that made audiences laugh, there are also something things in the films that are just kind of dumb. These moments either don’t make a lot of sense or just come off as too cheesy or unbelievable. When Harry impersonates a cop and comes to the McCallister’s house, it’s a little too much. First of all, it’s hard to believe anyone would think he was a cop, and mostly it just comes across as a little bit silly.

8 Funniest: The Tarantula

Daniel Stern with spider in Home Alone

The best sequence from the two Home Alone movies is when Kevin uses all his traps on Marv and Harry in the first film. His ideas are pretty original and ingenious, and seeing the robbers get their due is truly hilarious. But, of all of the things he does to them, the moment when Marv has the tarantula on him and freaks out is one of the best. It gets even funnier when he tries to use a crowbar to kill the spider while it’s on top of Harry.

7 Dumbest: Fuller Drinking All The Pepsi

Kieran Culkin in Home Alone

While this might be kind of a funny moment, it’s also a bit of a cheap one. It’s not super funny, and mostly just kind of silly. While it’s made clear that Fuller sets the bed a lot, seeing him drinking a ton of Pepsi isn’t particularly high comedy.

It’s more a gag that would make children laugh, and while that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing, it’s definitely one of the dumber jokes on the show. It can even come across with a bit of a cringe element when watching the movie as an adult.

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6 Funniest: Angels With Filthy Souls

There are actually two hilarious moments where Kevin uses the audio from Angels With Filthy Souls, the fake movie that he watches. The first time is actually the funniest. This is when the pizza delivery guy comes to the door, and, since he doesn’t want him to know there aren’t any adults around, he uses the audio to scare him away. While this guy definitely didn’t deserve to be scared like that, it’s a completely over the top moment that makes for a lot of belly laughs.

5 Dumbest: When Kevin Uses Aftershave

This might be one of the most iconic moments from the movie, but while it’s funny, it’s not really all that funny when you think about it. It’s pretty hilarious to see his iconic scream, but the truth is that aftershave doesn’t really hurt all that bad. It definitely can sting, but the way he reacts seems a little bit too ridiculous to be believable. It’s one of the jokes from the movie that seems more like a gag or gimmick than anything else.

4 Funniest: "I'm Eating Junk And Watching Rubbish!"

One of the greatest things about Home Alone is seeing things through Kevin’s eyes.

When you're a kid, there are definitely times where you just want the freedom to do what you want and not be told what to do. So, Kevin takes advantage of being unsupervised to watch movies he’s been told not to and eat a bunch of junk food. This is definitely an endearing and relatable momentnts, and it's also rather funny. Plus, it’s lines like these that make Kevin such a likable kid.

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3 Dumbest: The Uncle Frank Recording

Rob Schneider in Home Alone 2

Home Alone 2 definitely isn’t as successful as the original because it mostly just uses the same jokes and gags, albeit in slightly different ways. So, when Kevin records Uncle Frank when he accidentally walks in the bathroom when he’s showering, he then uses the audio to scare the hotel employees away and throw off suspicion. However, this moment mostly comes off as forced more than anything else.

2 Funniest: Using Manaquins To Fake His Family

One of the first extremely clever things that Kevin does in the first movie is use a whole bunch of mannequins and cardboard cutouts to make the Wet Bandits think that his family is still home. The way he sets up all these things and makes them look like they are moving around is rather brilliant. It’s a hilarious and intelligent moment that defines who Kevin is as a character and how inventive he is.

1 Dumbest: Angels With Even Filthier Souls

This is another instance of things that were funny in the original not being near as funny the second time around. Kevin uses the audio, including the gunshots, from the sequel film Angels With Even Filthier Souls to scare the hotel employees. While this was a funny idea in the first movie, using it again doesn’t feel clever or funny, it just feels canned.

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