Would Kevin's Home Alone Battle Plan Work In Real Life?

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His traps would have made Jigsaw proud but would Kevin's Home Alone battle plan have actually worked? Home Alone is a Christmas classic that finds a young boy named Kevin McCallister accidentally left at home by his family on Christmas. Kevin has fun on his lonesome until he realizes a pair of thieves dubbed the Wet Bandits - played by Joe Pesci (The Irishman) and Daniel Stern - are coming to rob his home. He plants booby traps around his house to defend it, which ends with the pair arrested and Kevin reunited with his family.

Home Alone was a huge success upon release, and alongside movies like Die Hard, it's on heavy rotation during the Christmas period. The success of the movie also led to Macaulay Culkin returning for Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. The original plan for Home Alone 3 would have revolved around a teenage Kevin, but following Macaulay Culkin's decision to drop out of acting in the late 1990s, the third film focused on a new kid defending his home instead. The movie underperformed and the following two entries were TV movies.

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The finale of Home Alone finds Kevin drawing up a battle plan to keep the Wet Bandits out of his house. Every possible entry point is booby trapped or reinforced, and the various tortures he designs are effective in keeping the thieves at bay. Home Alone plays out its violence in a cartoonish, over the top fashion - which is a good call, considering how sadistic some of the traps are. How would his Home Alone battle plan have played out in real-life, however?

home alone harry burn

Realistically, it's unlikely the Wet Bandits would have even gotten into the house, as Harry (Pesci) and Marv's (Stern) repeated slipping on frozen stairs would have left them with severe back injuries. Marv pushes through and manages to break into the basement, which leads to a hot iron dropping down onto his face, which almost certainly would have resulted in a broken neck. Harry also receives an extended burn to his skull from a blowtorch when breaking in through a back door, which would have resulted in third-degree burns and his cap melting to his scalp.

Both Home Alone's Harry and Marv suffer other minor injuries like slipping on toys, but they both receive paint cans to the face whilst running up the stairs. At best, this would have resulted in lost teeth and other facial fractures, at worst it would have killed them instantly. So in practice, the Home Alone battle plan would have stopped them, but Kevin himself probably would have been charged given how sadistic some of the traps are.

A popular fan theory is that Home Alone's Kevin grew up to be Jigsaw from the Saw movies, and while nothing in either franchise actually supports this, in hindsight Kevin really does seem to enjoy inflicting pain.

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