Will Ferrell & John C. Reilly Interview: Holmes & Watson

Will Ferrell is a talented comedian and an actor who first gained wide attention on Saturday Night Live. He has gone on to huge success starring in films such as Elf, Anchorman, and Step Brothers. Ferrell’s latest film is Holmes & Watson, where he plays the titular detective Sherlock Holmes.

John C. Reilly is a prolific actor and comedian who has appeared in a wide range of films, including The Aviator, Step Brothers, and Guardians of the Galaxy.  In Holmes & Watson, he plays Doctor Watson opposite Will Ferrell’s Sherlock Holmes.

Screen Rant: I did see the movie and I laughed my ass off.

Will Ferrell: Oh. Great.

John C. Reilly: I think we're doing okay. A lot of people are saying they like it.

Will Ferrell: So far so good. Gloria told me that was pretty good reaction.

John C. Reilly: Yeah? At the screening. You were there?

Screen Rant: Great. Thumbs up all around. This is a period piece among other things. And would you guys consider yourselves experts in hats and mustaches now?

John C. Reilly: Well, it's funny mention it.

Will Ferrell: It’s funny you should bring that up. Queue. Hat. Boom.

Screen Rant: Excellent.

John C. Reilly: I am an expert on hats.

Will Ferrell: Look how rakishly perched that is.

Screen Rant: It sits very nicely.

John C. Reilly: And mustaches. I don't know if I'm an expert on mustaches. I'm very proud to be able to grow one. It was many years where I couldn't get the ends right here. And they just came in as I aged.

Screen Rant: Very cool. How much room did you guys have when you were making this? You guys are pretty well known for improving a lot of your movies and going off script. And did you do a lot of that in this one?

Will Ferrell: This one was slightly different because we were very committed to, giving a full effort to attempting those accents. And when we started to improvise, we would slip out of the accent. So, it wasn't as much. There were still moments where we would find bits and pieces.

John C. Reilly: Also, in a mystery, you’re really beholden to keep the plot going and make sure you hit this point and that point. So, it wasn't as much room to improvise as it has been in the past. But it's definitely that same spirit there of trying to crack each other up.

Screen Rant: I got to ask about the autopsy scene. The actor who is on the table, was he having as much fun as you were?

John C. Reilly: Nooo. He was not having any fun. He was covered in frosting that I was massaging into his body. And he eventually got-- started getting hypothermia. His body started to shake uncontrollably because of laying on this metal slab.

Will Ferrell: Bless his heart. Apologizing. Very British. Apologizing for having hypothermia.

John C. Reilly: “I can't hold it still. I'm sorry.” It’s okay. It's an involuntary reaction.

Screen Rant: I asked Lauren about the kiss earlier, and where she felt it ranked in--

Will Ferrell: What did she say?

Screen Rant: I kind of want to hear your answer first. But she doesn't put it in in the top 10 of cinematic kisses.

John C. Reilly: What about her personal kisses?

Will Ferrell as Sherlock Holmes and John C Reilly as John Watson in Holmes and Watson

Screen Rant: I think she put that even lower.

John C. Reilly: Ooh. Sorry, man. I shouldn’t have asked.

Will Ferrell: You have to understand that, Sherlock Holmes, it's his first foray into love. And so, while he's supremely confident that he's doing it the right way, he's still learning.

John C. Reilly: He also has been taught, in a couple of scenes previous, by Watson on how to do it. And I basically said, “Make a butthole and kiss the other butthole with your--.”  It's not great direction to begin with. He’s not very well prepared.

Screen Rant: Well, I think you guys knocked it out of the park. This is obviously a comedy duo now, would you say? Is that fair to say you guys are officially a duo after this many films together?

Will Ferrell: I would take that label any day of the week. With this guy. It’s John C. F**king Reilly.

Screen Rant: Thank you for your time guys. Great movie.

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  • Holmes and Watson (2018) release date: Dec 25, 2018
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