In Hollywood, false rumors about movies and actors are as common as actors working part time as baristas and waiters. Pretty much everyone has heard some obviously untrue myths involving their favorite stars and filmmakers, such as Walt Disney’s body being cryogenically frozen and kept underground at Disneyland.

Although these types of tall tales are rarely believed by anyone other than your crazy neighbor– who’s probably hiding in a bunker expecting the end of the world at any moment– there are many other movie myths that have gone untested and have quickly been accepted into public belief, despite the fact that they don’t contain an ounce of truth.

Whether you’ve heard these rumors in entertainment news or even during a reputable college film lecture, there are a few Hollywood myths out there that you’ve never doubted.

Here are the 15 Completely Untrue Hollywood Myths You Probably Believe.

15. Jared Leto sent used condoms to his cast members on Suicide Squad as a prank

Jared Letos Joker Teeth up Close 15 Completely Untrue Hollywood Myths You Probably Believe

Since the superhero antihero film Suicide Squad came out in 2016, the public has heard some pretty discomforting stories about the extremes that Jared Leto went to in order to get inside the unhinged mind of the iconic Joker.

Many different news sites have printed shocking headlines talking about some of his wild antics and pranks, including the time he sent a live rat to Margot Robbie’s trailer. However, the story that caused the most controversy involved Leto sending used condoms to other cast members.

Although this upset many audience members to the point of wanting to boycott the film, it actually isn’t entirely true. Suicide Squad’s director David Ayer explained that, while Leto did put condoms in the other actors’ trailers, they most definitely were not used.

Though some fans may not see this as a big distinction, when it comes to talking about condoms, a distinction like this makes a huge difference.

14. Singin’ in the Rain used milk in its rain so it would show up better on film

Gene Kelly in Singin in the Rain 15 Completely Untrue Hollywood Myths You Probably Believe

If you’ve ever taken part in a film trivia contest or experienced a movie studio tour, there’s a very high chance that you’ve heard the fun tidbit of information about milk being added to the water used for rain scenes in classic black-and-white films like Singin’ in the Rain.

According to this theory, the white of the milk allowed raindrops to show more clearly on the screen. Although this fun fact has been repeated countless times, including in reputable sources like IMDb, it’s actually completely untrue.

In reality, the Singin’ in the Rain crew had to backlight the rain so that the drops would catch the light for each number— a time-consuming process that Gene Kelly said was extremely difficult for the director of photography Hal Rossen. So, while there weren’t any puddles of spoiled milk to clean up, shooting the iconic scenes of Singin’ in the Rain was still no easy task.