Hollywood Harassment Scandal: 22 More Stars Who Have Come Forward

It has now been just over a month since The New York Times broke one of Hollywood’s most horrifying stories to date, reporting the previously untold or unacknowledged accounts of several women, including high-profile actresses, who were harassed or assaulted by the co-founder of Miramax and later The Weinstein Company, Harvey Weinstein. The story also made mention of instances where Weinstein exchanged desirable roles or financial security for these individuals’ silence.

A few days later, The New Yorker released a story with further allegations from high profile actresses and other individuals in the film industry. From there, more individuals spoke out on their own terms, through mediums like Instagram and Twitter, and other news sources like The Telegraph and The Canadian Broadcasting Company.

We previously compiled a list of 22 actresses who, by October 14, had spoken publicly about their negative experience with Harvey Weinstein.

Since that time, Hollywood has been flooded further with allegations of assault and harassment. These allegations are no longer solely reserved for Weinstein, either, and nor are the brave individuals coming forward only women. The daily flow of allegations is a sign of a sick system and a sick society, and the number of individuals— both famous and not— who have come forward with their stories continues to grow.

Read on for the second list pertaining to the Hollywood Harassment Scandal: 22 More Stars Who Have Come Forward.

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Anthony Rapp in Star Trek Discovery
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22 Anthony Rapp (Kevin Spacey)

Anthony Rapp in Star Trek Discovery

Late in October, Anthony Rapp came forward to BuzzFeed News, recounting a time in 1986 when Kevin Spacey made inappropriate advances at a party Rapp had been invited to at Spacey’s house. Fortunately, Rapp escaped physically unscathed. The kicker? Spacey was 26— and Rapp was 14.

Rapp’s reasoning for coming forward now with a name (he had previously told the story publicly in 2001, but had not identified Spacey) is to stand in solidarity with the many other women who have come forward with their own stories of  assault and harassment.

Spacey came forward with a public apology on Twitter shortly after the story was released, and in the same breath came out as gay— a move that has been heavily criticized as deflecting from the actual problem, which is that Spacey attempted to seduce a minor.

In response, Netflix dropped Spacey from House of Cards.

21 Lupita Nyong'o (Weinstein)

Lupita Nyong'o

A few weeks after the initial Times story broke, Lupita Nyong’o wrote an op-ed in the same paper, very clearly outlining her disturbing and tumultuous relationship with Weinstein. She describes meeting him and being confused by his personality and intentions; at one instant he could be incredibly charming and at another he could be pushy and mean.

She describes going to his home in Connecticut and avoiding getting massaged by him by offering to give him a massage. She describes another instance where she met him at a restaurant and he told her he had a room upstairs waiting for them. She rejected him, but as she left, she felt uneasy and asked him if they were OK. He responded that she would be fine— but that he didn’t know if her career would be.

Years later when Nyong’o made it big with 12 Years A Slave, Weinstein reached out and expressed remorse for how he had previously treated her. He was insistent that she star in one of his films, but she rejected him.

20 Selma Blair (James Toback)

Selma Blair as Liz Sherman in Hellboy

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, a whopping 310 women have come forward, starting with coverage by the Los Angeles Times, telling their stories of assault and harassment. This time, the perpetrator is a different Hollywood big shot: director James Toback.

Selma Blair is one of these women, and came forward days later to Vanity Fair. At a meeting she had with Toback that ended up being in his hotel room, Toback told Blair she had to take off her shirt. Initially resisting, Blair eventually took it off. Toback continued to push, touching her inappropriately.

Afterwards, he told Blair that he had once tried to get someone else to do something similar to what had just occurred, and that that person had resisted him and had threatened to tell someone. He told Blair that he had told that person that he could have them drowned. Blair says she never spoke out because she was afraid for her life.

19 Rachel McAdams (Toback)

Rachel McAdams is another actress who came forward to Vanity Fair about her disturbing experience with Toback, following the Los Angeles Times story.

After auditioning for a role in Harvard Man (directed and written by Toback), Toback invited McAdams to his hotel room to "workshop" her acting and talk more about the role. Although McAdams tried to reschedule, Toback was insistent that that night was the only night they could do this.

After an uncomfortable encounter where the discussion very quickly became sexual, Toback went to the bathroom. When he came back out, he said that he had just touched himself thinking about McAdams.

Eventually, McAdams left, ashamed and confused by the awkward and predatory encounter she had just endured. McAdams told her agent about the experience, and the agent was angry and apologetic, but also mentioned that this had happened to another one of her actresses.

18 Julianne Moore (Toback)

Julianne Moore recently came forward describing her own experience with James Toback. On Twitter, Moore wrote that Toback approached her on the street in New York in the 1980s.

Similar to so many women’s Toback stories, Moore says Toback began bragging about the films he had directed and asked Moore to come back to his hotel to "audition." She declined. However, one month later, Toback approached her again, using the same language, as though he had forgotten he had only tried the exact same move with Moore just a month before. She rejected him again.

Toback has so far unequivocally denied all allegations— but with 310 allegations and counting, there’s not much Toback can say, despite his defense that he has been on medication that would prevent him from committing the acts he has been accused of.

17 Hilarie Burton (Ben Affleck)

Hilarie Burton One Tree Hill

The allegations against Harvey Weinstein and James Toback saw high profile celebrities coming forward not just with stories, but also with messages of support for those who have come forward.

Ben Affleck came out with a tweet on October 10 stating his support for those who have come forward, and his disdain towards Weinstein and others who abuse their position of power.

Very quickly, hordes of people responded to his message, reminding him of his actions towards Hilarie Burton, star of One Tree Hill, back in 2003, when on MTV’s Total Request Live, Affleck reached around and groped her breast. Burton responded to one of the Twitter users who reminded Affleck of this, stating “I didn’t forget.”

Unlike Toback or Weinstein, Affleck took responsibility by apologizing on Twitter without any qualifiers.

16 Reese Witherspoon (Unnamed Director)

Reese Witherspoon in Penelope

At the Elle Women in Hollywood event on October 16, Witherspoon came forward during a powerful speech, stating that she first experienced sexual assault at the young age of 16— by a director.

She added that she felt not only anger towards that director, but also towards the many agents and producers who were complicit, by ignoring the reality and seeming to encourage silence. Indeed, Witherspoon said these people made her “feel that silence was a condition of [her] employment.”

Witherspoon turned the speech into a positive one, however, expressing her hope that the number of people coming forward and standing together and supporting each other and openly talking about their experiences represents real change, and that the younger generation in Hollywood can seek support from the older generation.

15 Jennifer Lawrence (Unnamed Directors)

Jennifer Lawrence in Mother Movie

Jennifer Lawrence also spoke out at the Elle Women in Hollywood event on October 16, telling the story of her aspiring-actress-teenage-self, who stood in a line with other aspiring actresses and models, fully naked apart from paste-ons that covered her private parts. Photos were taken of the women, and afterwards, a female producer told Lawrence that she should use the photos to inspire her to lose weight.

In her speech, Lawrence said she asked another producer, this time male, about the strange process she had had to endure for casting. The producer, in response, told her he could not understand why everyone thought Lawrence was so fat, claiming that he thought she was “perfectly f---kable.”

Like so many others, Lawrence stated in her speech that she felt trapped, not being famous yet and feeling like this sort of discourse was just part of show business.

14 Molly Ringwald (Unnamed People In The Industry)

Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club

Molly Ringwald is yet another actress to have come forward in the wake of the Weinstein and Toback allegations. Although she leaves names out of her account, Ringwald wrote an op-ed for The New Yorker that as a young teenager, a crew member pressed against her while noticeably aroused and a married director had forced his tongue into her mouth while on set.

In her twenties, Ringwald recalls an audition where the director asked if Ringwald would let another actor put a dog collar around her neck while she performed her lines. When she told her agent about the peculiar and demeaning experience, the agent laughed it off— she promptly fired him.

Ringwald concludes her article explaining that she never spoke about her experiences publicly because “it has always felt like [she] may have been talking about the weather,” but hopes that the overwhelming number of those speaking out is a sign of changing time.

13 Björk (Unnamed Director)

Bjork in Dancer in the Dark

On October 17, singer Björk came forward with her own story of harassment by an unnamed Danish director. On her Facebook, Björk describes several instances of sexual harassment. Sometimes, the director would wrap his arms around the singer and stroke her in between filming takes, both in front of the crew and when they were alone.

When Björk eventually asked the director to stop the unwanted and inappropriate touching, he had a temper tantrum, breaking a chair in front of everyone. Björk also recounts the director sometimes whispering unsolicited offers in her hear with his wife right beside him.

Björk continues by addressing rumors that this director spread about her, about how she was difficult to work with, and how these rumors were started by the director’s producer, all because Björk rejected the director and stood up to his harassment.

12 Terry Crews (Unnamed Hollywood Executive)

Terry Crews in The Expendables

Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Terry Crews was one of the first mens to come forward with sexual assault allegations. In Crews’s case, he did not name the perpetrator, but revealed in a series of Twitter posts that he had experienced assault by a high profile Hollywood executive, too.

Back in 2016, Crews was at a Hollywood party when the executive reached over and grabbed Crews’s private parts. Crews’ wife saw the whole thing.

On Twitter, Crews explained that he never came forward because he felt he would be ostracized. As a 6 foot 3 inches 240 pound black man, Crews could easily have kicked him. But he chose not to, knowing how the whole experience would be portrayed by the media.

To conclude his series of posts, Crews states his support for the women who have come forward so far with their own assault and harassment stories.

11 Anna Faris (Unnamed Director)

The stunning Anna Faris came forward with her own story of harassment during her podcast, Unqualified. Faris recounts doing filming for a movie when an unnamed director slapped Faris’s bum in front of the entire crew— hard.

The crew saw the whole thing, and Faris says she could tell they were watching to see how Faris was going to respond. The whole experience made her feel nervous, and she giggled to dismiss the awkwardness. She says that women are conditioned to react in such a way, as otherwise they are labelled as being rude or difficult.

Faris continues her podcast by telling her listeners that that same director told her agent who told her that one of the reasons she was hired for the role was because of her legs. Faris expresses her sadness about feeling that this was why she got hired for the role, rather than for her talent.

10 Olivia Munn (Brett Ratner)

Olivia Munn as Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse

In yet another exposé by the Los Angeles Times, Olivia Munn, along with 6 other women, has come forward with sexual harassment allegations against another Hollywood big shot director: Brett Ratner.

In 2004, Munn saw Ratner on the set of a film entitled After the Sunset (not to be confused with Richard Linklater’s After Sunset). While delivering a meal to Ratner in his trailer, Ratner quickly made things inappropriate by touching himself in front of her against her wishes.

After the incident, Ratner began to spread false rumours about Munn and how they had engaged in intercourse, and joked about how he would touch himself while looking at photographs of her.

The lies and her personal experience with Ratner have made Munn feel as though she has been bullied  She says she hopes that “enough people believe the truth” and has for a long time boycotted working with Ratner.

9 Minka Kelly (Harvey Weinstein)

Minka Kelly

Familiar to the many other stories of actresses or aspiring actresses who have come forward with their Weinstein stories, Minka Kelly came forward on Instagram recounting her own Weinstein encounter.

She met Weinstein at a Hollywood party, and was told by her agent the next day that he wanted to meet her to talk business. Although Weinstein tried to get Kelly to meet him at his hotel room, Kelly refused and instead they met at a hotel restaurant. After asking his assistant to leave, Weinstein offered Kelly private planes and trips around the world— if she would be his girlfriend. Kelly politely refused, and Weinstein asked that she not tell anyone about this.

At the time, Kelly did tell her agent, and did not think too much about the instance. However, in light of the overwhelming number of stories pertaining to Weinstein’s lecherous and predatory behaviour, Kelly chose to come forward and apologize for being complicit in his behaviour, and not standing up to him and what he represented.

8 Angie Everhart (Weinstein)

Former Sports Illustrated model Angie Everhart also came forward in the aftermath of the original Weinstein allegations, telling TMZ that she had a disturbing experience with him at the Venice Film Festival (originally misstating that this happened at the Cannes Film Festival).

One night, she went to the room on the boat she was staying at, and Weinstein appeared and did what he's reportedly done to so many other women. After finishing, he put his pants back on, told her she was “a really nice girl” and not to tell anyone about it, and left.

Everhart says that she told people about her experience— people in the industry— and that they dismissed her, claiming that that was just the way Weinstein was.

7 Ambra Battilana Gutierrez (Weinstein)

Ambra Gutierrez

Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, an Italian model, was assaulted by Weinstein back in 2015. She says that after coming forward to the New York Police Department at the time and the story becoming public knowledge, she was rejected by the fashion and Hollywood industries.

Upon meeting Weinstein at one of his offices in Manhattan, he proceeded to grope Gutierrez.

After going public with her story, Gutierrez was accused by the American press to be a liar, and she couldn’t find work in the American industry for months.

In an interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Gutierrez says that she hopes the breaking of the Weinstein story in 2017 will bring her justice— that people will never call her a liar again.

6 Caterina Scorsone (Toback)

Caterina Scorsone and Kevin McKidd as Amelia Shepherd and Owen Hunt in Grey's Anatomy

Caterina Scorsone, star of Grey’s Anatomy, has also come forward with the story of her disturbing encounter with James Toback.

When she was just a teenager, Toback approached her and made inappropriate advances towards her. When she rejected him, he rejected her for the acting role she had been hoping for. She wrote an article soon thereafter detailing her awful experience, but was met only with silence. Feeling depressed about the lack of support, Scorsone turned away from Hollywood and from acting for a while.

As an adult, she eventually returned to Hollywood and wound up starring in one of television’s greatest hits. Scorsone cites Shonda Rhimes, the writer, creator, and producer of Grey’s Anatomy as what she likes about the industry, and said Rhimes’ support was important to her.

5 Natasha Henstridge (Ratner)

Natasha Henstridge

Natasha Henstridge, a Canadian actress and model, is another celebrity who came forward with her own disturbing experience with Brett Ratner.

When she just 19, Henstridge recalls being on a couch with Ratner and other friends, watching a movie. Henstridge fell asleep, and when she woke up, the friends had left and it was just herself and Ratner in the room. When she tried to leave, Ratner blocked the door and forced himself on her. Like many others on this list, Henstridge, after some resistance, gave up.

Henstridge says that since that time she has always remembered Ratner for what he did, and has watched in horror as Ratner has risen as yet another powerful Hollywood big shot.

4 Lysette Anthony (Weinstein)

Lysette Anthony

Lysette Anthony, well known for her role in the British soap opera Hollyoaks, came forward to The Sunday Times in the aftermath of The New York Times and The New Yorker stories, recounting her own horrifying experience with Weinstein.

After meeting him during the filming of Krull, they became friends. Years later, she met him at a house he was renting in London, and he almost immediately undressed and tried to grab her— she escaped.

The next time she saw him, it was when he showed up unannounced at her apartment. He pushed her inside and pressed up against her. After trying to resist him and failing, Anthony gave up.

There are rumours that London police are currently investigating an occurrence of assault by Weinstein from the 1980s, and many believe it to pertain to Anthony’s story. This has not been confirmed.

3 Terri Conn (Toback)

Terri Conn

Terri Conn, star of the American soap opera As the World Turns, recounted to the Los Angeles Times about her own experience with James Toback.

Unlike McAdams and Blair, Conn had her disturbing experience with Toback in a far more public space. She first met him on the street, and proceeded to meet him at Central Park to talk about the film industry and his credentials as a film director.

They met in a somewhat private part of the park, and Toback said incredibly inappropriate things to Conn. He then assaulted Conn, right there in a public park.

Although he continued to call her and invited her for dinner after this event, Conn ignored him from that point onwards.

2 Corey Feldman (Unnamed Hollywood Executives)

Corey Feldman Gremlins

Former child actor Corey Feldman is another one of the men who have come forward with stories about assault. Feldman spoke up about his and his co-star, Corey Haim’s experience, where they were abused as minors in the industry back in 2016, before The New York Times and The New Yorker stories broke about a year later.

Now, the Los Angeles Police Department has officially launched an investigation to get to the bottom of this.

Feldman has said in an interview with The View that the people who assaulted himself and Haim as children are still alive and well in the high ranks of Hollywood. Feldman chooses not to name names publicly, however, out of respect for Haim’s mother, whose son died in 2010.

1 Ariane Bellamar (Jeremy Piven)

Ariane Bellamar

Actress Ariane Bellamar, who once made an appearance on Entourage, came forward on October 30 under the #metoo social media wave, with a series of Twitter posts that highlighted her disturbing experience with HBO star Jeremy Piven.

In the posts, Bellamar describes being cornered by Piven and groped in Piven’s trailer on the Entourage set, as well as at the Playboy mansion.

Like so many others, Piven has denied Bellamar’s accusations. But in response to this denial, an advertising executive by the name of Tiffany Bacon Scourby has also come forward with her own disturbing experience of assault by Piven.

There is now a total of three women who have come forward with sexual assault allegations pertaining to Piven.


We stand with the brave individuals who have come forward and those who are sure to continue to come forward with their stories.

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